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  1. Loosvelt

    Please critique my basement shop dust collector idea.

    Guys please let me know what you think about my basement dust collector idea. Because it is in the basement I want to reduce the risk of dust as much as possible. I only have a 2 x 42 grinder now, but will soon hopefully be going to a 2 x 72. Since I wont be frustrated as much grinding, i...
  2. Loosvelt

    lets talk about step drills

    Guys, My benchtop 1/2 hp Rikon drill press only goes to 5/8 inch. I really want to cut up closer to an inch. I was looking at trying some high quality step drills. I was wondering how well they work on the alloy steels we use and how thick they are effective up too. I know they are...
  3. Loosvelt

    Need a Grinding Wet 101

    Hey guys, very new to knifemaking. Long story short, I have a basement shop and am uber paranoid about creating to much uncontrolled dust in the house (I picked the wrong hobby, eh!) Currently I use files, handsand wet, and plan to handsand and file wet handle materials when I get to that...
  4. Loosvelt

    Question about Bench Grinder wheels for hollow grinding

    Guys, Quick question. I am trying my hand an knife making. I am focusing on making small fixed blades and folders. I have use a craftsman 2 x 42 and/or files for flat grinds. I would like to do some hollow grinds also. I was thinking about using a mandrel (like tracey sells)...