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    How to report a spam message without opening the message??

    I got the same message! I didn't open it.
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    Slimline Trapper

    Excellent! Great job Craig!
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    Lanny’s Clip with jigged bone

    Another beauty Craig!
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    Lockback with jigged bone

    Great looking knife all the way around Craig! Congrats!
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    Mammoth Ivory Wharncliffe Trapper

    Another beauty Craig!
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    some recent artwork

    Very nice work Travis!
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    3 5/8 Swayback with stag

    Great job Craig! Another beauty!
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    Little black swayback

    Very cool little swayback Craig! Nice job!
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    Happy Birthday..Johnny Roberts

    Happy Birthday Johnny!
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    Barlow with amber bone

    Another great looking knife Craig!
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    Surface Grinder Conversion

    Josh I have no idea at all on this one! Wish I could help but maybe someone else has some insight on this.
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    Trapper with smooth amber bone

    Great looking knife Craig!
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    Surface Grinder Conversion

    I believe that mine is 1 1/2 HP. It's 3 phase, I'm using a VFD and running it on 220 single phase.
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    Surface Grinder Conversion

    CW, I don't know. Time will tell. I'm not positive but I believe I got this idea from one of Brian Fellhoelter's posts on this forum. Sounded like a good idea to me so I went with it. It can't hurt, it may help and the extra cost is minimal.
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    Surface Grinder Conversion

    Thanks guys! Travis, you put it on the list and I'll work on actually trying to make a knife as great looking as one of yours. Calvin, I split 2" belts with Tracy's handy belt splitter.
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    Surface Grinder Conversion

    Well, after six months or so of reading and digesting forum threads, looking at other conversions, talking to others that have done the conversion and finally collaborating with Craig Brewer my surface grinder conversion is done! :biggrin: I ordered my contact wheel from Sunray. It is six...
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    Green / Black Wharncliffe Slip Joint

    Nice job Johnny! It looks great!
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    New Slip Joint in Halloween colors.

    Nice job Johnny!
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    Surface Grinder Belt Conversion

    Perfect! Thanks again!
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    Surface Grinder Belt Conversion

    Thanks! I had planned to call Sunray and Bader. Now I'll just call Sunray. Did you have it made to fit the adapter with the 1 1/4" shaft?