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  1. Merle

    Hi from Washington state

    Yes sir, that's a coho I caught on Kodiak Island. Back in '05 I think -andy
  2. Merle

    Hi from Washington state

    Marty - you might try Palmer Coking coal in Black Diamond, WA. I lived in Black Diamond for many years and bought a lot of landscaping material there. But I'm pretty sure they used to sell bags of coal for the few folks that still had coal burning equipment. It has...
  3. Merle

    Viking Axe Mod WIP

    Very cool!
  4. Merle

    First customers knife.

    nice - i really like the profile.
  5. Merle

    First sharp finger

    Looks great! What steel and handle material did you use?
  6. Merle

    Camp/belt knife in curly redwood

    Amazing hamon!
  7. Merle

    Type of table saw blade.

    I used to be really into wood working and furniture / cabinet making, etc.. My favorite table saw blade was the 10" / 40 Tooth CMT General in 3/32" (thin kerf). I used it on an older (Emerson made) Craftsman cast iron contractor style table saw for both ripping and cross cutting. The thin...
  8. Merle

    Coywolf in progress

    I agree... looks good. Plus if the Wolf pin was smaller it would be hard to see the wolf.
  9. Merle

    My latest EDC

    Looks great! What are the specs on the knife, steel alloy, handle material, OAL, etc...?
  10. Merle

    My shop is collapsing...

    Sorry for what you're going through... I know for me that would send my anxiety through the roof. But you will be okay. Even though we love our tools and equipment, at the end of the day it's only "stuff". Can you post any pics of what is happening? I'm trying to visualize what is going on...
  11. Merle

    Free Templates From Kudzu Kutters

    Nice... I really like your “Cub” pattern, I saved that one and will try to make it soon. Seems like a good mix of a hunter and a skinner type blade. Thanks Randy! Andy
  12. Merle

    Mini Cleaver - Take Two

    Thanks everybody! Andy
  13. Merle

    Mini Cleaver - Take Two

    This was my attempt at re-making the mini-cleaver that I cracked badly during quench a few months ago. Same material and HT process as before, but I left the beveled edge much thicker this time. And it worked, no cracks! I tried for a hamon again, and got some definite activity, but just...
  14. Merle

    First WIP attempt

    Looking good- anxious to see more! Thanks, andy
  15. Merle

    First Hidden Tang / Antler Handle

    thanks Dennis - good tip. Here's the tent I bought...
  16. Merle

    First Hidden Tang / Antler Handle

    Well I got a $13 light tent from Amazon and can see it will make a big difference! Still have a long ways to go on developing technique, I think a bigger tent would help and want to get more blue fabric for the sides of the tent as well. Thanks again for the guidance everybody. Andy
  17. Merle

    Skinner completed.

    Nice work! And I like the lines / shape of that skinner a lot. -andy
  18. Merle

    First Hidden Tang / Antler Handle

    Thanks everybody! I will check out the info on photographing and light tents and see if I can improve my picture process. -andy
  19. Merle

    First Hidden Tang / Antler Handle

    This was my Christmas Break project since i was home for that week. Decided to attempt my first hidden tang knife. 1/8" thick 1075 with a piece of elk antler from the pet store, mild steel and ABW for the bolster and pommel. Attempted a hamon but obviously that part was a complete failure...
  20. Merle

    One is going home today

    Beautiful! - What is the handle (and sheath inlay) material? -andy