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  1. Frank Aguirre

    custom orders with g-10

    Nice clean work. Good job
  2. Frank Aguirre

    Another Small Drop Point

    Got this one done today, well still need to mark it and sheath. Hope ya like it!
  3. Frank Aguirre

    Feather Damascus my way.

    Like the look of that
  4. Frank Aguirre

    My First Two Blades Kinda Good Blades

    Way better than my first knives! Keep it up!
  5. Frank Aguirre

    Koa Kwaiken

    Wow, really nice work!
  6. Frank Aguirre

    Knives made in the past few months

    Had to stop making back in 2014 for financial reasons, but am back on my feet and still had my craftsman 2x42. Hated to sell everything but and back at it. Missed making a whole lot.
  7. Frank Aguirre

    First Hidden Tang Knife

    This is my first hidden tang knife finished a couple months ago. I learned what not to do next time that will make my life easier. It has a 1084 blade, Axis deer handle and brass hardware. There are red g10 liners but for some reason they dont really look red.
  8. Frank Aguirre

    St. Patrick's Day GAW!

    "An Irishman is never drunk, so long as he can hold onto a single blade of grass and not fall from the face of the earth"
  9. Frank Aguirre

    Peening dyes?

    Hello everyone. I usually peen my pins with a small peen hammer and sometimes miss and ding up the handles. What is a good dye, or process to use to dome pins on antler scales without causing damage to the scale material? Thanks!
  10. Frank Aguirre

    My first time using antler.

    Thanks guys!
  11. Frank Aguirre

    My first time using antler.

    This is the first time to use a material like bone/horn/antler for scales. The steel is 1/8" ats34 the handle is about 5" long and the blade is around 4". I was very nervous and sweating bullets when I was peening the pins. The last time I peened some I cracked a nice piece of cocobolo. I...
  12. Frank Aguirre

    Tapered Tang HT

    Oh ok Thanks!
  13. Frank Aguirre

    Tapered Tang HT

    Do you use another piece of steel the same thickness to balance the plates?
  14. Frank Aguirre

    Tapered Tang HT

    I sometimes make tapered tang knives. I have been thinking about this and figure some sort of aluminum plate jig to quench the blades. How do you guys quench tapered tangs? Thx!
  15. Frank Aguirre

    Colored damascus and mammoth

    Ryan those are awesome! Do you glue tha handles or are they secured with the screws?
  16. Frank Aguirre

    Evenheat oven set up problem

    I have been super busy as well. I got everything ready I just need to make a pigtail to match my 22 outlet and I will begin testing on some 1084.
  17. Frank Aguirre

    Evenheat oven set up problem

    Duncan did you figure out what the problem was?
  18. Frank Aguirre

    Look what showed up today!

    Hehehehe..... I know I checked around but I only got one 220 v and it is this big ole rare kind of plug, so unfortunately that plan was crushed.
  19. Frank Aguirre

    Look what showed up today!

    Thanks Tracy for the info. I will probably go with the pig tail since I need two more feet to reach the outlet.