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  1. loneronin

    Italian Army multitool folding knife

    I made a video about my Italian Army multitool knife (full review). its features are: straight, plain edge; sheep foot point; can opener; flat screwdriver; marlin spike; lanyard ring; bakelite handle scales; carbon steel; spring retention system. more info in the video.
  2. loneronin

    how I clean casted lead balls ammo

    ...and this is how I clean lead balls ammo that I cast. for me is the best and quickest method.
  3. loneronin

    aluminum mould for slingshot lead balls ammo

    I had been wanting to make a mould for lead balls ammo for a long time. I made a first attempt with a piece of aluminum for 6mm lead balls but it didn't work very well. however, I understood my mistake and with another (larger, flatter, more parallel) piece of aluminum I made a good mold for 8mm...
  4. loneronin

    anvil stump

    the original stump of my anvil was too big in diameter. uncomfortable to move and above all it did not allow me to be as near to the anvil as I like except by placing the anvil itself on the edge of it rather than in the center. so I decided to put it aside for now and use the old stump of my...
  5. loneronin

    push knife

    with the steel bar obtained forging a rail road clip I made a single-edge push knife. handle scales asymmetrical also in thickness of chestnut briar. brass pins and black-forge finish.
  6. loneronin

    the bearded axe project

    I found a 700gr hatchet in a market that had an elongated and teardrop "eye" for the handle with a beatiful shape. I took it with the idea of modifying it and obtaining a bearded one with the addition of a steel beard obtained from the leafspring of a truck thick enough to be forged. then I cut...
  7. loneronin

    Peddinghaus anvil - cleaning and testing

    after a very long search a few days ago, precisely on April 16, 2020, I found this anvil on an online ad and purchased it without seeing it in person. I think the photos are very clear. it is a North German anvil of one-piece forged steel weighing 52kg (115lbs). this style includes a round horn...
  8. loneronin

    shop floor

    I'm cleaning out my basement to make it my shop. I was wondering how to floor it. now it is concrete, the one smooth with non-slip dots. not bad but it's dusty. someone advised me to porcelain it with glued outdoor gres, others klinker with glue. I had thought of the slats of the pallets, but I...