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  1. Nick Schreiber

    KITH for Austin Thrasher

    Hey everyone! I think I’ve finally decided on a design for my KITH knife. This is my interpretation of a BBQ knife. I have made a few of these now and have been really happy with how they turn out. Every one I’ve made has turned out better than the last. It will be made from 80CRV2 and...
  2. Nick Schreiber

    Nick Schreiber Gallery

    I figured I’d jump on the gallery thread band wagon and post all of my pics in here and just continue to update it. Thanks for looking!
  3. Nick Schreiber

    Two more EDC knives started today

    I’ve made a couple of these so far and really like them. These are made from 80CRV2 and it’s the first time I’ve worked with it. I think I’ll do more knives in this material!
  4. Nick Schreiber

    Camp/Hunter WIP

    I cut this blank out a while back and have worked on it periodically. 1080 with a 9” OAL. Belt sanded to 120 then hand sanded from 120 to 400. I’ve been working really hard on my hand sanding and this is definitely my best to date. Still not perfect but I’m very happy with it! The handle is...
  5. Nick Schreiber

    Tanto EDC

    My latest tanto EDC. 1080 steel. 5 1/2” OAL. 1 1/2” main cutting edge. Toxic green kirinite scales with G10 liners and pins. I ground it to 220 then put the scales on. After installing the scales I talked to Randy Lucius about his hand sanding technique. Randy gave me some great tips and...
  6. Nick Schreiber

    My latest EDC

    I am super pumped about how this has turned out! It’s not quite finished but it’s close enough and I wanted to post some pics. I still need to buff the handle and sharpen it. I was going to leave it sanded to 180 but decided to try my hand at sanding it to 600. Unfortunately I decided to do...
  7. Nick Schreiber

    Karambit/wharncliffe Hybrid

    Finished another Karambit/Wharncliffe hybrid. 1080 steel, G10 scales, and stainless pins. I made the scales out of scrap G10 that I kept from previous projects. I think it turned out nicely!
  8. Nick Schreiber

    Belt tracking strange

    Okay.... I just got my 2x72 up and running. I was very meticulous about getting the drive wheel aligned with the platen wheels. The first belt I ran on it is a Combat Abrasives 36 grit ceramic belt. Before tuning it on I made sure the belt was tracking properly and it seemed fine, but when I...
  9. Nick Schreiber

    Vinegar etch question

    Hey all! I have used vinegar to achieve a nice dark etch on a few knives and have been happy with the results. I bought a gallon about six months ago and use a clean water bottle that I’ve cut the top off of to soak the blade in the vinegar. After I’m done I toss the vinegar out and the next...
  10. Nick Schreiber

    A cool mini tanto

    A while ago I began making a knife and the more I worked on it, the more I disliked it. I ended up putting it on a shelf and forgetting about it until today. I looked at it and tried to decide if I was going to keep working on it or toss it. Instead of tossing it I pulled out a sharpie and...
  11. Nick Schreiber

    AC vs DC motors

    Hey all! I am planning on building a 2x72 grinder in the near future. I got a set of plans that I am pretty excited about. My father in law is going to help me build it and while talking to him about the set up, I mentioned I was going to purchase a 2HP ac motor and a VFD. He offered me a...
  12. Nick Schreiber

    Cutting in finger holes

    Anyone out there make knives with finger holes at the bottom of the tang (i.e. Benchmade SOCP)? If so how are you cutting those in? I’ve made a few now and am progressively drilling the hole bigger from 1/8” to 1/2”. 1/2” is the biggest bit I have at the moment. From there I’m using my...
  13. Nick Schreiber

    EDC from O1 and G10

    Here is another of mine called the Jax. It is an EDC made from O1, G10 scales, and carbon fiber pins. The overall length is 7 3/4”. The cutting edge is 3 3/4”. The handle length is 3 7/8”. Hammered textured edge down the spine, around the handle and sides of the blade. Comes with kydex...
  14. Nick Schreiber

    O1 Base Camp

    For sale is a camp knife of my own design called the Base Camp made from O1 with red/black G10 scales and stainless pins. Overall length is 8 1/4”. Blade tip to plunge line is 4”. Handle is 4”. Blade is 1 1/2” wide at widest spot. The blade has a nice robust edge on it and the handle is...
  15. Nick Schreiber

    Hello from the PNW!

    Hey all! My name is Nick and I am from Dundee, OR. I am a Deputy Sheriff by day and a hobbyist knife maker in my spare time. I started Blackbird Blades in hopes of selling a few knives here and there. Follow me on Instagram at blackbird_blades to see what I’m working on. I’m always trying...
  16. Nick Schreiber

    1095 / EDC

    Well, here is the newest completed project. My sixth knife to date. An EDC made from 1095. The blade is 3 3/4” long and the handle is 4” long. G10 scales with stainless pins. I am pretty happy with the end result. I feel like my plunge lines turned out well, the bevel is nice and even, and...
  17. Nick Schreiber

    1095 / G10 Wharncliffe

    I sold my first knife! A friend from work learned I was making knives and asked if I could make him a Wharncliffe. Not knowing what that design even was, I looked up a few examples and got to work. This is only the 5th knife I’ve made and am really happy with how it turned out and so is my...
  18. Nick Schreiber

    Bevel grinding help

    As a new knife maker I have lots to learn. I have started on my fourth knife and one thing I have noticed is that I have a really hard time keeping a straight grind line when I am grinding from right to left. If I grind from left to right I can keep a pretty neat grind line that is easily...
  19. Nick Schreiber

    Constructive criticism and thoughts please!

    Hello All, This is my first post here and I just completed my third knife. I am just figuring things out as I go so I would love everyones constructive criticism and thoughts on my latest finished product. I know it has its flaws but I’d love to hear from everyone else. This is a chopper of...