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  1. Mark Knapp

    The prettiest fossil walrus ivory I've ever seen.

    I thought you guys might like to see the prettiest fossil walrus ivory I've ever seen. This is just to tease everybody. It's not for sale, I don't own it any more so please do not call. It's by far the prettiest I've ever had.
  2. Mark Knapp

    Covid 19 aint good for much but it is good for filling orders.

    Here's one that's headed to it's new owner tomorrow.
  3. Mark Knapp

    Just sent this one to it's new owner.

    The High Desert Bowie
  4. Mark Knapp

    Forged In Fire New show, Beat the Judges

    Remember a little while ago we were talking about how the judges on Forged In Fire should be subjected to their own testing and wondering how good they might do? Here you go...
  5. Mark Knapp

    Bonus clips from Forged in Fire

    I got a surprise yesterday when a customer mentioned he had seen my FIF weapon, the tabar shishpar, in a bonus clip of the worlds five best axes. We googled it and lo and behold, there is one. This clip shows for the first time the hidden dagger I put inside the handle. Here it is. Not only...
  6. Mark Knapp

    The newest version of my 1911 Combat Survivor Knife.

    After much experimentation the first two of the newest version of my hollow handle survival knife are complete and ready to go to their owners. These are made with one piece construction, something I've been working on for a long time. I think these are probably the strongest knives I've ever...
  7. Mark Knapp

    Every once in a while somebody just wants a big Bowie.

    This is for a Buffalo Bill Cody type guy. It's going to get a turquoise, desert ironwood, cholla handle treatment. Here it is forged to shape.
  8. Mark Knapp

    Anybody know what these are?

    Do you know what these are? Any body know what kind of steel it is? As you can see, in this next picture I did a break test on it and it hardened up real hard. See the grain structure?
  9. Mark Knapp

    The kids from my latest knife making class.

    Hi everybody, here are the kids from my latest knife making class with their blades, ages 14 to 18. Everybody had a blast and everybody went home with a blade ready for a handle.
  10. Mark Knapp

    One is going home today

    This is the forth for this customer. He already has one for himself, and one each for two of his boys. This one is for the third boy. Thanks for looking.
  11. Mark Knapp

    100 knives for Christmas.

    This is what I've been up to. Fifty hunter/skinner sets. 100 knives total. My biggest single order to date. A customer of mine gives them to his customers for Christmas.
  12. Mark Knapp

    Stocking up

    74 skinners and 74 drop point hunters getting ready to go to the heat treater.
  13. Mark Knapp

    A hunter and an ulu

    I have two to show you, one is obviously a professional shot by Jim Cooper at Sharp By Coop. The other is obviously not a professional shot. This is a drop point hunter with mammoth ivory and musk ox horn. The engraving and the sheath are also by me. Overall length about 9 1/2 inches. Next...
  14. Mark Knapp

    I found the link to my tutorial on laminating abalone shell

    People were asking for this.
  15. Mark Knapp

    I thought you might like to see this

    A medium sized cow mammoth tusk I just finished.
  16. Mark Knapp

    Blue Amber and Abalone

    My latest build is a Blue Amber and Abalone Camp Knife. The blade is heat blued 1095 and 15N20. Blade length is 5 1/2 and the overall length is 10 inches.
  17. Mark Knapp

    T'is that time of year

    Santa's been working late getting 1911 Combat Survivors ready to be shipped out for Christmas. Santa sharpens as the CNC mill engraves the blades. Lots of colors for all the good little boys and girls. The Tormek puts a razor edge on the 154 CM blades. The magazine compartments are all...
  18. Mark Knapp

    Just finished restoring this tusk

    I just finished restoring this tusk. It's owner is picking it up this week. Thought you'd like to see it before it goes.
  19. Mark Knapp

    My youngest apprentice

    Warner my youngest apprentice, 15 yrs old, started on the canister damascus for his third knife today. He wanted to do gears. The outline of the gears are nickle, and he is using three colors of powder metal. Here's some pictures. Next week, we forge weld the billet.