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  1. Frank Aguirre

    Another Small Drop Point

    Got this one done today, well still need to mark it and sheath. Hope ya like it!
  2. Frank Aguirre

    Knives made in the past few months

    Had to stop making back in 2014 for financial reasons, but am back on my feet and still had my craftsman 2x42. Hated to sell everything but and back at it. Missed making a whole lot.
  3. Frank Aguirre

    First Hidden Tang Knife

    This is my first hidden tang knife finished a couple months ago. I learned what not to do next time that will make my life easier. It has a 1084 blade, Axis deer handle and brass hardware. There are red g10 liners but for some reason they dont really look red.
  4. Frank Aguirre

    Peening dyes?

    Hello everyone. I usually peen my pins with a small peen hammer and sometimes miss and ding up the handles. What is a good dye, or process to use to dome pins on antler scales without causing damage to the scale material? Thanks!
  5. Frank Aguirre

    My first time using antler.

    This is the first time to use a material like bone/horn/antler for scales. The steel is 1/8" ats34 the handle is about 5" long and the blade is around 4". I was very nervous and sweating bullets when I was peening the pins. The last time I peened some I cracked a nice piece of cocobolo. I...
  6. Frank Aguirre

    Tapered Tang HT

    I sometimes make tapered tang knives. I have been thinking about this and figure some sort of aluminum plate jig to quench the blades. How do you guys quench tapered tangs? Thx!
  7. Frank Aguirre

    Look what showed up today!

    Its here! Even heat 22.5" 240v oven. I need to re arrange my shop around and change the plug on it. I wonder if it will void the warranty? So where do you guys set up you r ovens? On a wood, metal, plastic work benches? On the floor on top of cinder blocks. Do you have protection on the walls...
  8. Frank Aguirre

    Hunting Knife Set WIP

    Hello every one, I have wanted to do a wip for a while now and I have an order from one of my best customers that I wanted to use for the WIP. These knives are both cut from 1/8" CPM154cm. Here is a thread where I got the ideas for the knife styles. I got the steel in last week and got started...
  9. Frank Aguirre


    How would one go about getting a logo made up. I want one that says Aguirre Knives Handmade Hechos In Texas or something to that effect The hechos in tx is to give it a south texas tex-mex feel. I have no idea what it would take and I am not very good a drawing stuff. SOmething to put on the...
  10. Frank Aguirre

    Small hunting knife.

    Hello everyone! I finished this one today and the guy who ordered it couldn't follow through with the payment.:2: This knife has a white paper micarta. It kinda looks like bone. I like it. I dinged up and scratched the steel to give it a more rustic look. I also left the scale from the heat...
  11. Frank Aguirre

    1084 Neck Knife

    Here is a neck knife I got done with a week ago. The scale from heat treat was left on and I dipped in ferric chloride for 2 minutes to etch as well. Thanks for looking. Steel - 1/8" 1084 Length 6" 59-60 RC
  12. Frank Aguirre

    First Folder

    Well this is officially my first folder completed. I am so giddy, and my wife was almost impressed.:o Its a friction folder, and a little rough around the edges so it will stay with me. It is 1084 steel with orange g10 scales. It seems to operate just fine. The only thing that I really didn't...
  13. Frank Aguirre

    Surface grinder sub

    I am working on my first friction folder and am trying to clean up the blade after ht and I can't seem to get it true flat. I don't have a SG and will not be getting one for a while, so how do you guys get the knives flat, the tip is not centered when closed, an I think its because i used a...
  14. Frank Aguirre

    Need some imput

    This is a pm from a guy I just sold the 7th knife too! He is a great guy and a bonified knife nut too. I am thinking about using A2 or cpm154cm or maybe D2 or maybe 1084 or ....... He has damascus, o1, ats34, 1084 and a2 knives I have sold to him. He goes on hunting trips with other hunters...
  15. Frank Aguirre

    BBQ fork question

    I want to make a two prong bbq fork. I have 1/8" 1084 steel. The question is on the hardness of the steel. I don't think it is necessary to have it hardened to 59-60 rc. Am I correct here? Would the fork perform well at the annealed state or should it be hardened and tempered down further than a...
  16. Frank Aguirre

    Osage Orange

    I am in need of two or three sets of osage orange scales, nothing too fancy, just for some users. Thanks!
  17. Frank Aguirre

    336 Marlin Slip cover.

    I have been hitting the leather work pretty hard these past couple of weeks in an attempt to improve and get better at making sheaths with the knives I make. I seen one of these on another forum and thought "heck why not". I still need to add a cartridge holder on this one. This is my first...
  18. Frank Aguirre

    ATS34 and Curly Maple

    Here is one I am almost done with. Still need to mark and sharpen. It is 5/32" ats34. Thanks for looking. 9" OAL Blade 4.75" RC = 59-61 by Peters HT Full flat grind with ScotchBrite finish
  19. Frank Aguirre

    Burlap Mycarta

    Do you guys find it difficult to finish to a smooth flat finish? I have been at it for a few hours by hand. Here it is after an hour This is it after re-sanding, teak oil and buffing. :confused: Teak oil was the only way to get it like this. Any suggestions.
  20. Frank Aguirre

    ATS34 and Spaulted Maple

    I just got this one done. Its has a full handle Those with bigger hands will really like this one. Thanks for looking. Here are some specs 5/32"ATS34 SS A hair under 9.5" OAL Blade is 4 3/8" Handle is Stabilized spaulted maple Stainless Corby bolts and tube