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  1. K R Johnson

    23rd Annual Northern Minnesota Metalsmith Conference

    We have a great time at this conference, it's located within walking distance of the source of the Mississippi River.
  2. K R Johnson

    My method of inlaying shields

    As I was getting ready to inlay this shield it occurred to me I might show my method. I draw a center line on the scale, then a line across that so I have some references when I clamp the template on the scale. If I'm using bone or stag, I use masking tape and draw the lines on that. Then I...
  3. K R Johnson

    22nd Annual Northern Minnesota Metalsmiths Conference

    If you'd like to attend, print out the registration page, fill it out and mail it in.
  4. K R Johnson

    Remington 1306

    My rendition of a Remington 1306, engraving: Doug Sutherland. The knife is sold.
  5. K R Johnson

    Arkansas Hunter

    CPM 154 CM blade & spring, African Blackwood scales, 416 integral mill relieved liners/bolsters, 4 5/8" closed.
  6. K R Johnson


    Here's one I recently finished..........CPM 154, Sambar Stag, Integral bolsters, bronze pivot bushing.
  7. K R Johnson

    4" Ivory Backpocket

    I just sent this one off to it's new home today. It's my first backpocket. 4" closed, CTS-XHP stainless blade, bronze blade pivot bushing, integral bolsters/liners, fluted and threaded bolsters, ivory covers.
  8. K R Johnson

    4" Spearpoint Jack

    This knife has rust colored dyed and jigged bone scales and CPM 154 CM stainless steel blade and spring. The 410 liners and bolsters are integral. There are .005" thick washers between the frame and the blade instead of a mill relief. The bolsters are mirror polished, the blade is hand sanded...
  9. K R Johnson

    Barlow? or Lanny's Clip?

    I recently finished this one for a customer. It's 3 1/4" and covered with elephant ivory. Integral bolsters, blade pivot bushing, CPM 154 CM blade and spring. Here's a tutorial on the shield inlay
  10. K R Johnson

    Locking Lanny's Clip The "Judge"

    "The Judge" I mailed this one off yesterday. It's a bit big for me but just right for it's new owner who named it the "Judge". 6" closed, CPM 154 CM, all stainless fittings, old Westinghouse paper Micarta with black spacers.
  11. K R Johnson

    K R Johnson O D Green Sodbuster

    ~ SOLD~ K R Johnson O D Green Sodbuster Sodbuster for sale. The blade is hollow ground, belt finished, both blade and the spring are CPM 154 CM. The mill relieved liners and all fittings are stainless. OD green canvas Micarta scales, the closed length is 3 3/4". Nice walk &...
  12. K R Johnson

    New Lanny's Clip

    A peanut sized Lanny's Clip for a customer, it's 2 7/8" CPM 154 CM with integral bolsters, old Westinghouse white Micarta that's turned yellow.
  13. K R Johnson

    Amber Stag Bone Lanny's Clip

    Amber Stag Bone Lanny's Clip ~SOLD~ CPM 154 CM blade & spring Hollow ground, hand finished Amber carved stag bone scales Double pinned stainless bullock shield Integral liners/bolsters Bearing bronze bushing 3 3/4" closed Flush open, closed and half stop Nice smooth action, medium pull...
  14. K R Johnson

    3 1'4" "Lanny's Clip"

    3 1/4" "Lanny's Clip" I just finished this 3 1/4" Lanny's Clip. It's CPM 154 CM, yellow linen Micarta, has a blade pivot bushing and integral bolsters.
  15. K R Johnson

    First Lockback

    I just finished my first lockback, it's a 4" Lanny's Clip, CPM 154 CM, mill relieved liners, integral frame/bolsters, pivot bushings in both the blade and lock bar, bone scales. This knife is sold, comments are welcome, thanks for looking.
  16. K R Johnson

    Northern Minnesota Metalsmith Comference

    I'll be demonstrating slipjoint knife construction. I'm late doing this so if you'd like to attend contact me. Here's the brochure:
  17. K R Johnson

    Natural Canvas Micarta Sodbuster

    Natural canvas Micarta scales, CPM 154 blade and spring, Hollow ground, Stainless liners, Lanyard tube, Closed 3 3/4", No half stop, About a three on opening it, Centers when closed, Nice walk & talk, Shaving sharp. ~SOLD~ PayPal or Money Order, PM or email me Comments or...
  18. K R Johnson

    Etched CPM 154 Lanny's Clip

    Mr. Davison kindly shared his etching method with me. You MAYBE can guess where this one went. :rolleyes::D CPM 154, integral bolsters, blade pivot bushing, Sambar stag.
  19. K R Johnson

    3 7/8" Slipjoint

    Here's a Lanny's Clip I finished yesterday for an order. It's @3 7/8" closed, 3/32" CPM 154, pivot bushing, integral bolsters, my dyed and jigged bone.
  20. K R Johnson

    Lanny's Clip

    Here's a Lanny's Clip in CPM 154, natural canvas Micarta, blade pivot bushing and integral liners/bolsters that I recently completed for a customer.