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    Things I have learned about grinding and Finish Sanding

    Thank you sir! I'm glad that I could help someone out! I think its important to always be learning, not only in knifemaking but all aspects of life. I'm not sure who said it, but to quote: "Watch, listen and learn. You can't knw it all yourself. Anyone who thinks they do is destined for mediocrity"
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    First blade.

    I am pretty new to this myself, but from what I see you are off to a good start...echoing what John Wilson mentioned, I would seriously consider making or purchasing a file guide to clean up your plunge lines. The advice I would humbly offer: Take your time and think about your next move when...
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    Things I have learned about grinding and Finish Sanding

    I completely agree! I think when your elbows are locked to your sides, you are pretty much on point both vertically and horizontally allowing for much less movement in the "wrong" direction.
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    Things I have learned about grinding and Finish Sanding

    Agreed!!! Especially about the grinder being a stationary object and every move or tweak has a result. I found that my stance had a huge impact on the results as well, so I moved my "catch/sludge" bucket to a spot on the floor where I almost have the put my feet in the same spot every time I...
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    Things I have learned about grinding and Finish Sanding

    Gentlemen, most of this is probably second nature for the majority of you, but I just wanted to share some of the things I have learned through trial and error and of course from a lot of you over the last month with some of the new guys like myself. GRINDING: 1. Go SLOW and take your time when...
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    Kyle Gahagan JS: Sambar Fighter

    Wow! I love this blade! Solid work on the butt cap!
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    “River" by Christopher Costa

    Beautiful work....I love the handle.
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    Hello darkness my old friend

    Very cool! Do you ever have problems with the acid wash wearing off the blade when using a kydex sheath? I have used Ferric Chloride and had issues getting the effect to last.
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    Liam Hoffman: Persian Dagger

    Wow! Very interesting handle shape! How did you achieve the red colored hilt?
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    Bump: Major Maddalena, USAF Commemorative Fighter

    Absolutely gorgeous!
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    Field knife in 1095 and ShadeTree Burlap

    Very nice! What did you use for pin material?
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    Plunge Line Question

    Thanks Ed....I've spent at least an hour each weeknight and nearly the entire weekends in front of that thing for the last several weeks....learned a lot, worked a lot of things out, but still have a few struggles.....I'm getting there though! I was able to finish one so far..I struggled with...
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    Plunge Line Question

    I'll do that this evening Kev...thanks!
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    Plunge Line Question

    No worries at all Anthony! I appreciate your taking the time to answer my questions!
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    Plunge Line Question

    Oh Wow! So, what was out of alignment, the belt or the platen? How in the world would you adjust that on a horizontal axis? Washers?
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    Plunge Line Question

    Ed, so I'll switch to a higher grit belt for roughing...easy to do, but why are all my plunges cutting the "sweep" instead of a semi-sharp 90 deg angle. What grinder function, action or otherwise determines and/or controls whether this angle will be a "sweep" or sharp 90 degree or anywhere in...
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    Plunge Line Question

    Thanks Laurence, I could do that....I'm using a Wilton Square Wheel, so my left side is a bit wonky. Although I have made some "corrective" modifications, I'll have to make more to facilitate the use of a file guide.
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    Plunge Line Question

    Thanks for the reply Anthony! I WANT the nice 90 degree or so angle, but what I keep ending up with is more of the "sweeping angle". So, to try to get the 90 degree angle I am putting more pressure at the plunge area with the belt edge while pulling the blade end back towards my body at a very...
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    Plunge Line Question

    I 100% agree with you, but perhaps I didn't explain my dilemma well enough....what I am referring to are the differences between this And this Not my work by the way, just images I pulled from the web.