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    Pin or Solder Bolsters Question

    On folders, do you pin and solder the bolsters, or just do one of the two. Thank you in advance. Tommy
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    Hello from central Texas

    Hi ,I am Tommy I live in central Texas east of Austin. I have made about 50 knives in the past, I have made about ten a year, nothing great but they make nice presents. I have just made my first folder ( slip joint ) this past week. I really enjoyed that. I will hopefully be working on #2...
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    PSI to open a folder

    This is my first post, Has anyone done any research on the topic of how much force it takes to open a folder. I saw a video awhile back of a guy measuring the poundage it takes to open slipjoints, If I remember right he just attached a small scale to a blade pulled it open and took note of the...