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    123 Blocks

    Hi All, I am working on a hidden tang kitchen knife, but need a file guide for doing the shoulders of the tang. Any idea of how to rig up a 123 block to get even shoulders? Since the corners of the block aren't threaded, I think I would have to find a bolt machined close to the individual...
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    NWGS Tracking Issue

    Hi, I built a no weld belt grinder, and so far there are no major issue with it. The one issue I do have is that when the belt is just running normal, it runs fine. There is a slight wobble back and forth, but then again I didn't spend a thousand bucks on a KMG. However, to get the belt to run...
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    No Weld Grinder WIP

    I started to assemble my NWG. So far, pretty straight forward. The hardest part is marking and drilling the holes in the right place so that they align, but that's fairly simple with a drill press. I did have some difficulty making sure that the tracking wheel was square, any tips on how to make...