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    No pattern slipjoint tutorial

    If bigdog wants to host this tutorial as a sticky I can send this 435 KB PDF tutorial as an attachment. I shut down my knifebusinesss and the site along with it. Send me a PM Jim
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    Keeping things flat and parallel without a surface grinder?

    Not true. magnet catches all the dust and the ways are covered. Been doing this for 7 years or better The only two surface grinders I have used had either a ruby grinding wheel and the other a 72 inch belt attachment. String me up if you wish Bruce, but don,t tie the knot till you see one...
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    A simple "How I make a knife" tutorial

    No pics here . This is my first visit. Jim
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    No pattern slipjoint tutorial

    I make numerous patterns using the the no pattern method and all I use is 1/8 inch particle board. I just made one yesterday that will be added to my list of folders. You don't need metal to make these and they are just fun to do.
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    No-Weld Butt Cap

    Mike, thanks for this tutorial. I have been using it on my hidden tang blades using 8/32 all thread. Sure beats my old way of brazing. Thanks again. Jim
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    No pattern slipjoint tutorial

    Has anyone made a folder from this tutorial yet. Would love to see them.
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    No pattern slipjoint tutorial

    Your welcome Mark. One thing about using this tutorial you will come up with a pattern that is a go........So to save time you can make a pattern from your original for future sales.
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    No pattern slipjoint tutorial

    Wish you luck Falah.
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    Most recent folder

    Daniele and Bruce, Thanks for the thumbs up.
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    Plasma cutter

    I haven't used my plasma cutter for years. When I did I was pleased. I just used an angle cutter to clean up and profile. Now its forging, you know with a press, trip hammer and a rolling mill. Oops forgot the anvil.
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    No pattern slipjoint tutorial

    Something that I worked out as I spend many hours in my shop. Seven days a week. I was working on a pattern and was measuring the tang for accuracy and it just grew from there. I found it allows more creativity for the next one. Thanks Mark, love the thumbs up. Jim
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    custom sheath worn 2 ways

    I have been making a horizontal sheath for years now and have been asked to make one that may be worn both ways. Mine looked very cumbersome and were. You have nailed it right on. Good job.
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    No pattern slipjoint tutorial

    Thanks guys. Been fun to do.
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    No pattern slipjoint tutorial

    I wrote up a tutorial on making slipjoint knives without using a pattern. How to create your own instead....It is a small PDF file Let me know your thoughts, my object is not how to make a slipjoint in its entirety, just showing how to get creative.
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    Screwed bolsters on slippies

    I have used both but mostly pin the slipjoints. After reading this post I will take a different out look.
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    No pattern slipjoint

    TA, I just heard from one of my forum friends that he read in another forum that you also make your folders using a no pattern method. (If that is what it is called.) Is this why your folders are such a random variety. Jim
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    Another new one

    Thanks Dan, I have used it on stick knives in the past but the first time on a folder. I will do more as I do like the way it looks and feels. Jim
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    Most recent folder

    Thanks Johnny - happy 4th. Jim
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    Another new one

    Just off the bench ......OOSIK Ivory scales