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    New Sheath project

    Just a suggestion, for what it's worth. You might try stitching around the windows with a fine stitch. I think that it would set it off. Doug
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    Big surprise today

    Well deserved, congratulations. Doug
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    Belt Storage

    Get some coat hangers with wood pegs. You can stick up as many as you want on the wall. Old coat racks would work too. Doug
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    If you would like to take your Guard/spacer/handle fit up to the next level...

    This reminds me of a story that one of my coworkers told me of a physician that she used to work with. He ended up not being able to handle the work emotionally and had to give it up. He ended up learning to be a welder and got a good job make decent pay plus he got to wear his beard down to...
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    Need a little help with a very cool project...

    Not to rain on your parade but the possession of sword canes is illegal in some states, others they're illegal to carry. Something to check on. Doug
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    Where do you guys buy your ivory from when you have to do it online?

    You might try Boone Trading Company to see what they have on hand. Doug
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    Well, I Messed Up

    You might end up with a wavy bevel but I've re-heat treated in the past and had it come out ok. Look at it this way, what have you got to loose. Doug
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    African Blackwood Hunter

    Real nice work, Casey. African Blackwood is one of my favorite handle materials. Doug
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    Should I save swarf? (question for the canister damascus folks)

    I'm with Chris. I would think that by the time that you had any usable amount of swarf to pack into a canister the bulk of it would be iron oxide, aka rust. Doug
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    Simple Foldover Sheath

    When you dye leather black do you dye it dark blue first and then dye over it black after the first dye dries or just go ahead and dye the leather black to start with? I've done it both ways and I'm not sure that I see the difference. What's your input? Doug
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    10 Inch Damascus Bowie

    "Close enough isn't good enough" is one of the biggest lessons one has to learn. I bet I think that the knife looks better than you think it does. Doug
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    Crows found

    Had to work a little hard on that one didn't ya, Greg. Good joke. Doug
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    All done! First peened tang and makers mark!

    Start about 4-5 holes above where you ran out of thread and stitch over the thread that is already there and continue on. Just try to snip off the loose ends of the thread as close as possible. Doug
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    Wakizashi Swords

    It's been a while since one has been able to hand his sword over to a sword tester to see what kind of damage it could do to a condemned prisoner which, in ancient Japan, was just about any prisoner. Poor attempts of levity aside, I'm a little at a loss to understand you desire to get an...
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    Hi from Washington state

    There is a seller on Etsey who sells 60 lb bags of bituminous coal for $60, minus a penny. There are others who use a coal forge and many have found that their problem was not loosing their supplier but having the minimum order increased to where they couldn't afford it or didn't have a place...
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    Passing of Chris Marks

    God bless his memory and comfort his loved ones. Doug
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    Bushcraft heat treat

    Nice knife. A little small to go splitting your firewood with but I've always been of the philosophy that if you need a knife then get at knife, and if you need a hatchet to get a hatchet. Doug
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    1084 heat treat

    Wait for the "shadow" from decalesence passes while heating and then quench if you don't have a regulated high temperature oven to austenize the blade in. Simple carbon and low alloy steels don't need a long soak. They just need to come up to temperature. If you don't have a high temperature...
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    Mammoth tooth EDC

    Nice display case knife. It's far too pretty to be taken out into the field. Doug
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    Hey, What Wood Is This?

    I've got a whole stack and boxes of wood that I wish that I labeled when I knew what it was. Doug