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    lapping films?

    Hey there Dogs first post here in a while. Does anyone use lapping films like the ones used on an Edge Pro, or the Wicked Edge systems? Does anyone use PSA lapping film sheets stuck to a flat glass plate, to free hand it?:)
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    "Odd How To" Question?

    I have a few marble and granite counter top sections that were given to me, some of them are (almost) good sizes for using as flat sanding bases for blades and 1 or 2 are just about the right size to use some P.S.A. micro polishing film (8000 grit?) for very fine knife edges, but there are some...
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    Blade pattern?

    to the Mods: I'm not certain if this is the correct location for this thread; if it's not please move it and PM the new location to me please, Thank you! Has anyone ever made a traditionally ground Hissatsu blade pattern? How about any other (non biased blades only please) traditional...
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    Show off and talk about your Flat/convex grinds here!

    Hey! post em up if you got em! :bud:2thumbs And try to remember . . . useless1 luvsite1Thanks to all who post here! ETA Note: If you already have your pics posted else where on this site lets try to just post a link to the pics so the bandwidth stays reasonable for those W slower...
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    Tip "O" the hat from Detroit, Mi.

    2thumbs Hi folks I'm glad to be here, been lurking for a while and this seems to be the nicest Cutlery site I've come across. I have liked sharp stuff since I was a kid . . ("I'm 42 now") . . Well just after I decided as a kid I wanted to make knives; I found out that my Late Great...