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  1. chrisstaniar

    Metallurgy question, sort of...

    ok, so just something I've noticed and always been curious about. The best I can describe it is they are patterns in the steel that look like a snail trail. They are generally short maybe 1/8" L by 1/16 or 1/32 W. The only place I've seen this is in 440c and I've only seen it once I've sanded...
  2. chrisstaniar

    Just being too picky?

    I just finished the final tru-oil coats on this and of course I noticed the odd coloring in the grain of the A. Blackwood. The photo doesn't make it as apparent as it is when I look at it firsthand. The black zigzag lines really contrast with the rest. I've worked with African Blackwood a lot...
  3. chrisstaniar

    Small Drop Point Hunter

    Finishing this one up for a customer - 440c, Brass Bolsters, black/brass liners, Ca Claro Walnut, custom mosaic pins, and a sheath! Still gotta put the snap on the sheath. .
  4. chrisstaniar

    Not new, just forgot to introduce

    Hi All, Not new, but not as active as I should be. I'm in northern california. Having fun and making sparks.
  5. chrisstaniar

    Drop Points and a Bowie

    Sorry for the long post, I've been busy and haven't posted these here. The first is a Drop Point Hunter, 1084 steel, Brass Bolster, Black/White micarta and a copper spacer, California Claro Walnut scales, custom red mosaic pin. With a custom leather sheath. The second is another Drop...
  6. chrisstaniar

    440c Question

    Ok, so I'm 99% sure I'm just second guessing myself here but I wanted to check. I recently ordered some 440c from NJ steel baron. It had the option for Decarb or no Decarb. I chose no decarb. After grinding some I got to wondering if the fact that it had decarb meant that it had already been...
  7. chrisstaniar

    First Knives

    I made these first two for my kids and another one for me that is still underway. The blades are from usa knives. The handles are Ca Claro Walnut finished with boiled linseed oil mixed with a little shellac. I had a local leathersmith make the sheaths. Still educating myself on the whole...