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  1. C Craft

    What type of sandpaper or for sanding aluminum

    I am in the process of reworking my platen. This one is being built out of aluminum. What type of sandpaper or belt works the best with aluminum? My experience has taught me that aluminum is bad about plugging sand paper and files. So what is the best for working on aluminum without plugging up...
  2. C Craft

    I talked about this before but...…...

    I talked about this before in this thread, but,...……. When buying bowl material from Ebay to cut for handle material. Which is more desirable! This block that is cut close to the heart of the tree??? Or one like this that is...
  3. C Craft

    West System Epoxies

    So I am going to attempt to help those who are believer's in West System Epoxies. Never would attempt to get in the "Glue Wars"! So if you are not interested in the WEST SYSTEM Epoxies. Close this thread and move on!!! Now if you are interested their is...
  4. C Craft

    Damn Cancer

    Just found I lost a good friend to cancer! I worked for the man about 12 yrs and hunted and fished with him! He passed the 31st of July. His wife just found my number in some of his stuff and called tonight!!
  5. C Craft

    Any advice

    Any advice about carbon fiber pins?? Got a knife in the planning stage and want to know if it hard to work with or not??
  6. C Craft

    Dog head hammer

    Not sure where to put this! I guess it could be "Knife Maker Shop Talk" as I am looking for discussion in this area!! Does anyone have any first hand knowledge of these dog head hammers...
  7. C Craft

    Prayers for my wife as she battles cancer

    Did you miss me?? Naw, probably not. Been gone this week. Had to put the wife in the hospital Monday and just got her out Thursday! I stayed up at the hospital the whole time, till Wednesday evening. They had her on 3 different IV antibiotics for the infections she had. She has a little poodle...
  8. C Craft

    Lets talk moisture tester

    I have came across some wood I am thinking about using for handles. My problem is it has been air drying for not to long, I am told!! So I am thinking I need a moisture tester for wood!! I know very little about moisture testers. So is something like this any good...
  9. C Craft

    Handle material

    So the recent thread the OP had on elk handles, prompted me to suggest a couple of materials!!' Here is a couple of links to such! Or you might prefer something like...
  10. C Craft

    Question on handle material

    I wrote this, this morning and thought I had posted it. When I came back to see replies, there was none. Evidently I never posted it!! De de de, you are now entering the twilight zone, were we find C Craft, just following along behind the little animals!! Now back to the question at...
  11. C Craft

    Just need to vent a little

    I am so whizzed off at the moment. If I put it to words I would be banned!! My wife has been having a terrible time in addition to all the problems she has been having with an auto immune disease. She suddenly begin having seizures at the beginning of last month. The first ones were real bad...
  12. C Craft


    Guys this forum is an outlet for me, to somehow escape the real world! I have been accused of in the past of being an armchair adviser! True I haven't produced anything in a while. However that doesn't mean I don't have knowledge to share. I have been busy lately real busy. Trying to save the...
  13. C Craft

    Stupid things I have done with a knife

    So I was reading a story on another site and it made me decide to share this story. When I was in the service we were at the armory on base to pick up a bunch of explosives for a demonstration on the demo range!! Well it turned out that some of the paper work was not quite right so while we...
  14. C Craft


    I have a tooth that needs to be pulled. Got to find a dentist in the morning!! Haven't had a bad one in a while!!! I turned the treatment over to Captain Morgan but he's not doing to good at the moment!
  15. C Craft

    Is this Digital pyrometer any good??

    I am looking for a good digital pyrometer for reading temp. Something I can move around to double check temp readings I am getting! Is this any good!! Or should I be looking for something else! Yes, I realize this one is supposed to be for use with a kiln. Finding one that will read high temps...
  16. C Craft

    Looking for some aluminum brackets

    I am looking for a couple of cuts off of 3/8" THICK X 2" X 3" X 2" WIDE aluminum angle. What I am looking for is just like these, However I want them out of aluminum and 2" wide instead of the 1". I ain't worried...
  17. C Craft

    Any advice on threading aluminum

    I have to thread some small screws in aluminum. I got to thinking about it and I have never threaded anything in aluminum. I know aluminum can gall a file and sometimes a drill bit. So is there anything I need to do to keep my tap from gumming?? Is there anything different from working steel???
  18. C Craft

    So I need a camera!!

    What are you using for a camera to do your knife photos, if you don't mind me asking?? I need to look into something reasonably priced, in the digital world!! Unfortunately digital and reasonably priced does not always go together! One thing about digital you can pretty much, tell right away...
  19. C Craft

    Got to love how kids think!

    I had to take my wife to an appointment this morning and as we are leaving, I see a 2x4 stud on the side of the road! I pulled over and grabbed and put it in the truck. My Grandson pipes up from the back seat and says what is the wood for. Before I could say anything the wife says, "your Pop...
  20. C Craft

    Has your faith been tested?

    Well the tittle pretty much says it! Has your faith been tested? I am a Christian, as I say in my prayers ever now and them, Lord I am probably not one of your best works. I hold my faith close to my heart! As a kid my Mama made me go to church every Sunday. Now might be a good time to say I...