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  1. tkroenlein

    easier way to find center

    Well, I have never seen one for sheet stock.
  2. tkroenlein

    easier way to find center

    I've thought about building something like that. That's how centering jigs work for gunsmithing work for centering mounts and sights and such.
  3. tkroenlein

    Sean's KITH 2020 for Heikki -dropping out of KITH

    Glad to hear she's on the mend. Prayers for you both.
  4. tkroenlein

    Hello from Indiana

  5. tkroenlein

    This metal is hard!

    Much obliged, Mr. Cashen.
  6. tkroenlein

    This metal is hard!

    Aaaand...which condition(s) are best for HT response? :)
  7. tkroenlein

    Rice 2020 WIP

    Well, I'm not a hand finisher...but here's what I would do. :) Don't over finish before HT. 220 tops. Get any heavy scratches off the spine and curves for sure. I see you're using 1084. That's to your favor. You can get by with minimal time in the (forge or oven?). Once you have quenched and...
  8. tkroenlein

    Where is Opaul?

    I thought the same thing while I was grinding tonight. There must have been a disturbance in the force. I see his profile shows he was here just yesterday. Hi @opaul !
  9. tkroenlein

    This metal is hard!

    There are some metals, 15N20 is a good example, that come at a certain degree of hardness as a standard due to the supply to industry. Also, depending on the steel you are using, you need to watch assigning a temp like 1500F or whatever and just heating and cooling. Some temps, with some...
  10. tkroenlein

    What's going on in your shop?

    Yes. I'd much rather take back an edge that is too thin than to make one sharp that is too thick.
  11. tkroenlein

    What's going on in your shop?

    Thirded. You've got a little edge thickness to play with to boot.
  12. tkroenlein

    Daniel’s KITH WIP

    Don't sweat the timeline Daniel. I'm sure there's somebody out there that hasn't even decided what to make yet with a few ahead of it.
  13. tkroenlein

    McLeish KITH 2020

    This is stacked natural canvas micarta and ruby red G10. I like the cross cut look personally. It will bond well if stacked but you might see a line. Bruce, if you want some micarta or G10 for bolsters, hit me up. I got bunch of drops I keep just for such an occasion.
  14. tkroenlein

    McLeish KITH 2020

    Well that ain't cool at all.
  15. tkroenlein

    A Brief moment of intelligence

    Well that looks pretty handy.
  16. tkroenlein

    New Oven!

    Ugh. Nooooobzzz. Step 1) Make knifes Step 3) Profit.
  17. tkroenlein

    Talkin' Knife Philosophy....

    It is uncanny how infrequently a hammer grip is employed when using a knife.
  18. tkroenlein

    What's going on in your shop?

    That's a great summary. Theory and practice collide.
  19. tkroenlein

    Order Books

    A notebook works. Has been and probably will for a bit. I don't build a ton either.