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  1. Zanderman

    A couple with D2 and redwood burl

    I sent these out today. The OL is around 11" with a blade that is 5-1/4". They are made out of D2 and HT'd at Peters HT. The wood is Redwood Burl and came from Larry Shaughnessy. These are the largest knives I have made to date and pollishing these things takes a lot of time...
  2. Zanderman

    Skinner With Spalted Maple

    Made this one from 1095. The wood is stabilized spalted maple from Larry Shaughnessy. I gave this one to my dad to test on my parents camping vacation. Mike Morehouse
  3. Zanderman

    A Dirty Blonde Skinner

    This one is made from Larry Shaughnessy's curly maple. OAL is 7-3/4" and a 4" handle. The blade is 3-1/2" with a 1-5/8" height. I used Black Walnut hulls to stain the maple.
  4. Zanderman

    Major Score!

    This was being thrown out at work the other day and I asked for it to be thrown my way. 2thumbs But, I can not get it to work. :( It dents the material but does not give a reading. Does anyone have a manual for a Clark MDT-8:confused:
  5. Zanderman

    Signed up from Ohio

    Shaughnessy suggested that I join. I am a hobby knife maker trying to break out. I use the stock removal process and I do my own heat treat with a one brick forge. In high school metal shop I recall my teacher saying that we could make whatever we wanted to as long as it was not a knife. I...