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  1. opaul

    26C3 steel Chef Knife

    I made this chef's knife 15 months ago. My wife has used it almost daily. This is the first time I have sharpened it. Not that I could not have done it prior to today but I didn't feel it needed it. But I did check the edge and it had some light deflections along the edge so I decided to...
  2. opaul

    Neutralizing Etching Solution

    Question. I typically use Windex for neutralizing the ferric chloride when I etch blades. Vegas Forge suggests using baking soda as an alternative on their damascus. On a stainless Damascus the windex didn’t do anything as far as revealing the pattern But I etched again And then used baking...
  3. opaul

    New quench formula

    I came up with the idea to mix 1 part canola oil with 1 part engine oil 1 part transmission oil and enough lard to make a solid quench solution. That way I can move the ammo can around without spilling. This solution could also be use to prevent rust on finished blades. I am also thinking it...
  4. opaul

    Bog oak and damascus

    Just about to wrap this one up. I may apply truoil to the handle, haven't decided, for now it's just buffed. As the title this knife is Alabama damasucs with an ancient bog oak handle, G10 spaces. Guard is a piece of 1084 I had on the bench. It's thru-tang construction, hidden nut with the...
  5. opaul

    Finished Leather Stacked Handle and Damascus

    Decided to do another stacked leather handle build. This is Alabama damascus with nickel, Micarta and leather. Getting these handles glued up is a epoxy mess! It's a through tang build with the tang threaded on the end. As it sits I have a large washer with a nut compressing the leather. I...
  6. opaul

    Just for fun - Seax

    I've been watching the Last Kingdom and always get intrigued when I see the edged weapons of the period. I thought the Seax was an interesting knife and decided to make one, mostly for fun but I also have a friend that loves the Viking/Norsemen era weapons. I used an old rasp for the blade...
  7. opaul

    Three Piece Knife - Finished photo added

    It's been a while since I've made a three piece knife. I'm using W2 for this one with hybrid elder wood scales. I've got the scales mounted but still have to shape and finish. Here are some photos of the WIP. Sanded to 400 grit Fresh out of the etching solution Handles mounted and ready...
  8. opaul

    Alabama and Elk Hunter/EDC

    This one is close to being finished, all that is left is putting an end cap on and sharping. OAL is 9.5", Alabama damascus.
  9. opaul

    Bowie with Sheath and new blade build started

    The Bowie is finished, I need to put a belt dangler on the sheath and it's ready to go. Started another damascus hunter with elk handle, micarta and brass bolster/spacer.
  10. opaul

    TW 90 for sale

    Selling my TW 90 Grinder. Comes with the standard package as advertised on Travis’s website. Willing to travel a reasonable distance from Raleigh NC for the right buyer. Contact me if interested. Asking $3000
  11. opaul

    Damascus and KOA

    This is the work to date on the little damascus hunter/skinner. I was going to use redwood burl but I split a small section while drilling to aggressively :(. So I used a piece of Koa. As with any knife at this juncture in my knife building, I continue to learn something with every knife.
  12. opaul

    Starting a small damascus skinner

    This will be my first use of AEB L in this little knife. 200 layers of AEB L and 302 stainless. Still deciding on handle material but I think I have it narrowed down to either Ringed Gidgee or Red Wood burl.
  13. opaul

    Alabama damascus and Wenge Bowie

    This one is almost finished. I still need to do some fine sanding around the guard area but wanted to start getting some coats of tung oil and tru-oil on the Wenge handle. The S guard is damascus as well but I think the edges look better sanded and I'll leave the front and back of the guard...
  14. opaul

    Heat treating AEB L

    I read that this steel can be plate quenched and/or oil quenched. This is after it is foil wrapped and heated to 1950 degrees and soaked for 15 minutes. Seems like it would be easier and less spectacular to plate quench. I suspect 1900 degrees would creat quite the fire ball. For those that...
  15. opaul

    Some recent work

    Forged from a small rasp Two damascus blades in the works, the big one has a 10" blade Sanded and etched
  16. opaul


    Any of you guys running the new KMG grinder?
  17. opaul

    Bushcraft Set

    I finished the set of the bushcraft machete and knife. The handle material is UltreX micarta from BossDog. I really like working with this stuff and it finishes very nicely. I'll be making the sheaths soon.
  18. opaul

    Three of the four machetes finished

    I was fortunate and these all have good homes. I made a slightly different sheath for each one.
  19. opaul

    Birds Eye Maple Puukko

    So I'm really enjoying making these Puukko's. This one is much small - the blade is about 2-3/4”. Handle is birds eye maple with micarta spacers and a oak burl butt cap, peened through tang. This was also my first soldered bolster. Went better than I thought but I definitely learned a few...
  20. opaul

    Stacked Leather Puukko

    Finished this one up yesterday.