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  1. A.W.Stovall

    How do I multi color sheaths

    I want the out side 1/4" british Tan and the inside black how do you do dye multi color sheaths and keep it straight Thanks Anthony
  2. A.W.Stovall

    My first try at a Hamon with W2 steel

    This is one of my small hunters with W2 steel and a Hamon with a splated maple Handle.
  3. A.W.Stovall

    CPM D2 Heat treating

    I'm about to heat treat a blade I just finished its the first time with cpm d2 is it the same as regular d2 ? Some have you that have used it what temper did you use ? On the recipe I have it says temper at 950 is that correct seems high. Anthony
  4. A.W.Stovall

    Want to buy a kmg rotary platen

    Like it says want to buy a rotary platen for kmg if you have one you want to sell p.m. me Thanks Anthony
  5. A.W.Stovall

    I just ordered Little Machine shop's mini mill

    Cant wait for it to get in, ordered this model Hope it makes those guards a lot easier. Does anyone else have one of these? Anthony
  6. A.W.Stovall

    A Christmas order i just filled

    Handles were from a Spanish Goat that the customer had shot. That was a learning experience straightening the Goat Horn it is very curved. they were all the customers design except for the small one that is one of my normal designs. sorry for the crappy pics Anthony
  7. A.W.Stovall

    Quenching Plates

    I'd like to see some pics of your quenching plates mounted with quick clamps I have had the plates for years and just stand on them and decided I want to mount them and make it easier for when I do multiple blades Thanks
  8. A.W.Stovall

    Nice little "EDC" just finished for a customer

    7" curly Maple and stag bolsters. And nice photography from my friend Gabriel Ables
  9. A.W.Stovall

    My Evenheat kiln coils burned out,

    I stuck a piece of cable in it and I think some of the material burning off shorted them, long story short having a hard time finding the coils does even heat sell them ? I have re coiled a couple of kilns just not sure where to get the coils I wanted the ones just like came out of it not sure...
  10. A.W.Stovall

    Who's planning on attending ABS "Spring Piney Woods Hammer In "

    I just made reservations , I havent been to a ABS hammer in yet, I have been to the JohnnyStout and Harvey Dean hammer in several times lots of fun. Anthony
  11. A.W.Stovall

    Damascus hunters

    Just finished these for a customer, cocobola wood and Alabama Damascus. Anthony
  12. A.W.Stovall

    Thinking of building a competition cutter any suggestions?

    Going to the ABS spring Hammer-In in April , and the cutting competition sounds fun thinking of making one I have a few Ideas , anyone ever make one and compete have any pointers on shape'steel any of that? Thanks Anthony
  13. A.W.Stovall

    WTB KMG grinder

    Want to buy Kmg grinder with Flat platen.
  14. A.W.Stovall

    Fossilized dino bones

    I have some I want to get stabilized Which company do you company is best for this application I have used K-G , WSSI and Cullpeppers but never have had dino bones done. Thanks Anthony
  15. A.W.Stovall

    I need some help I bought this Dmascus about 4-5 yrs ago from someone ?

    I cant remember who I was just starting out and decided to wait till I was less likely to destroy it now I'm ready to use it and I'm not sure what it is if nobody can I.D. it then I'll treat it like 1095 - 15n20 here are some pics the writing on the back was from the seller maybe that can help...
  16. A.W.Stovall

    I'm sure all of you guy's have had to deal with this, How to handle friends and Famil

    Wanting knives , I have been making knives for 4 yrs and started selling them recently and with special orders and normal stock I stay snowed under and I don't want to be rude , most are not custom knife people and look at you like your crazy when you tell them how much I have in them , I'm...
  17. A.W.Stovall

    Hunter in 1095, with redwood handle, stainless bolsters

    Hunter I made for a customer , in 1095 redwood burl, still got to clean it up some sorry for the pics Anthony
  18. A.W.Stovall

    Is it possible to true up rubber contact wheels?

    I have a 12" contact wheel and I was wondering if they ever get out of being flat? can you true them up. Thanks Anthony
  19. A.W.Stovall

    2 neck knives for sale!!

    1st is carbon fiber handle with copper fittings 01 steel kydex sheath 2 3/4" blade 5 3/4" overall , second is Sambar stag handle, 154cm, 2 1/2 blade 5 3/4 overall length comes with your chois kydex or leather sheath have not made a sheath for it yet though. Thanks for looking Anthony
  20. A.W.Stovall

    Rustic Bone handled copper pinned Wharncliff

    I just have to finish up the pins and a litle clean up