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  1. Tim Musselman

    Another Surface Grinder Belt Conversion

    Thought I would share this conversion since it doesn't require a lot of machining mostly off the shelf stuff and some welding, drilling and tapping. The wheels came from the rest from the local hardware store except the collar that came from MSC. The collar fits on...
  2. Tim Musselman

    MAP Arm Small Change Big Results

    I've alway found that the tool arm of the map was hard to get out of the way when flat grinding longer blades. I had to set it up so I was only using the very top of the flat platen if I wanted clearance for my hand on the left side around the MAP tool arm. Before So after looking at...
  3. Tim Musselman

    When you break a tap in titanium

    I'm sure I read this some where on the web but it's worth repeating if/when you break a tap in titanium and you break off the end flush trying to get it out just put it in a jar of etchant and in several hours maybe over night the tap will be gone and the titanium will not be effected just make...
  4. Tim Musselman

    Got my surface grinder up and running

    Thanks to craigslist I just got a Boyar-Schultz 610 surface grinder. Its probably older than some of you but still in great working shape. It came with a static three phase converter that works just fine for a single speed motor so once I got it cleaned and wired up I give it a try and wow I...
  5. Tim Musselman

    Hello for Los Gatos

    Hi All, My name is Tim Musselman I am a maker and tool whore focusing mostly on forged blades although recently I've gotten into folders which really feeds my tool habit. Tim