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    Using forge for heat treating 52100

    I have a blade out of 52100. It is profiled and ready for grinding. I have not done anything else to it. Looking for advice on heat treating. Do I need to do anything to this blade before I start my grinds? I have a gas forge that I use for all my heating.
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    Feild testing needed.

    Hi my name is James. I work in a cabinet shop and have the need of light carry knives that will be droped, used to open paint cans, cut my steak at dinner, and just about anything else. Needs a high wear resistance, as I will be trimming pvc edge tape off of melimain. I also am willing to...
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    6" Stablized Block

    Looking for an inexpensive stablized block for a kitchen knife I am making for the wifes friends wedding. I am not looking for high grade stuff. Just anything that looks nice. Thanks, James.
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    The Iron Duck!

    Found this ironwood duck at a yard sale today. Came in at about 6 lbs on the bath scale. I let my son carry it around while I looked at other stuff and he has not let it go. And I thought I was going to use it for knives.
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    Blade, Damascus= $200 Handle, Satablized Wood= $50 Fancy Pins= $40 each X3 $120 Total Price for materials= $310 40 Hours making a $200 Knife= Priceless I think that I will stick to my salvaged stuff.
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    Look what followed me home!

    I just had to save it! It was going to be put to sleep! Don't let it die! My time at the scrap yard proved to be good. This is a 5" post vice with the post broke off. Still works great. The price was good, $20! Some days you are just in the right spot at the right time.
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    A Big Thank You.

    Hello Ed. We talked a bit at the Boise Show back in October about a wareny style blade. I did take your advice about raising the grind lines up and thining the whole blade down. It feels great! This is not my first, by no means, and it wont be my last. I would like to thank you for being...
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    Leather Trimmers

    This is going to be a work in progress thead. If it is in the wrong spot, please move. Costum order of a leather trimmer/wood carver knife. I just can not make one! Short blade about 2" long with a overall length of 6". First set ended up a little short on the blade, but fit the hand...
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    Forging S30V?

    I was given some S30V that is just a little too narrow for an upswept blade. Can this be fixed by forging the point up?
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    Rototiler Tines

    I found these rototiler tines in a scrap pile a while back. Just had the time last night to take the first one apart. There is two sets with 8 tines. Four right hand and four left hand! These are going to be fun!
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    G-10 and/or micarta

    I am looking for some G-10 and/or micarta to work with. Most of my knives have handles that are less than 4" long, so scraps work well for me. I have never worked with it before and the knives I am working on would look better with a man-made handle. I do not really care what color I get, I...
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    First Double Edged Blade.

    This is my first try at a double edged blade. O1 tool steel, 3/16", 7 7/8" long, and 1 5/8" tall. Flat grinds with a slight distall taper. I did get some ideas from John Barker. Great knives you have! Some help from a local maker on the handle shape. I have not desided on the handle type...
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    My Entry for the 2011 KITH

    Here it is. After long, late, and head scratching hours, the pics are here. Specs Steel: 5160, 3/16" at spine, heat treated by me Handle: Black Walnut, looks like bug, 1 coat Danish oil, 4 coats poly. Pin is ground wire from power co., tube is propane line. All copper. Flat...
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    Cherry Wood Drop Point

    This is my 2nd completed knife. I can only get better from here!! This is offered up at an introdutry price of $125. I will take postal money orders. Shipping is included in Con.USA. I do not have my makers mark on it, as I do not have an echer. OAL 6 1/5" Blade 2 3/4" Steel...
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    I am a knife maker!!!!!!

    This is my first knife that I have completed. I did have a lot of help on it. I would like to thank everybody on knifedogs, Andy Franko of Calico Forge, Rodger Smith of Bloodworth Knives, and Matt Otto for all the help and encoragement. The steel is 5160, stock removed, heat treated in my...
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    Grandpa's Old knife.

    My Wife's Grandpa showed me the knife he got from his grandpa. The knife seams to be real old. Brand is "Marbles" made in Gladstone Mign. The little finger guard is made of copper and is brazed on, followed by black spacer, copper spacer, red spacer, leather handle, red spacer, brass, black...
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    Two Finished Kit blades, 440c

    I will post these for one week. If they sell, great, if not, I will post them on Gunbroker. #1 4" tanto style with quarter sawn brizilain cherry, 440c, copper pins and leather sheath. $50 #2 3 1/2" drop point hunting, EDC. Handle is Epay with copper pins, birch with brass pins. 440c...
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    Blisters in my Forge?

    I finally was able to get my forge lit last nite. Propane and air mix was good. Has good swirl. But only after a few seconds, bilsters formed. I have it lined with one layer of Kwool and about 1/4-1/2" of furnance cement. What is not right?
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    Number three on the way!

    Just found out that my best friend and wife is having our third kid. It is going to be very different in my house. One boy at seven, one girl at four, and one on the way! Very bizzy summer. Making cribs, shoping for baby stuff (got rid of most from the last one), saving for Jen not working...
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    Peanut ?'s

    I found some peanut oil on sale at $12 a gallon. Is this a good price? Is peanut oil a good quence for 5160?