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  1. Bill Vining

    Feathering adhesive leaking out.

    Anyone have any issues with the tube leaking? My last 2 tubes have leaked all over the drawer. The cap is always tight and it's in a temp controlled room. The leaks have both occurred on the bottom of the tube.
  2. Bill Vining

    Disc Grinder

    I made this attachment several years ago and put it away when I purchased a standalone unit. It's homemade and will bolt on to a standard 1 1/2" tooling arm. Comes with a Beaumont 9" beveled disc and 4" drive wheel. $225.00 shipped CONUS.
  3. Bill Vining

    Long time coming....

    It's tough sanding and filing with a torn rotator cuff but I finally got through it. Difficult to capture the actual colors. Timascus with Del Ealy nitre blued damascus. Now I just need to concentrate on my photography skills.
  4. Bill Vining

    Slight setback

    So I have a few on the bench that I'm trying to get done. Due to some physical issues, this is taking longer than expected. First of all, I am having issues with my shoulder. I have limited movement which makes it tough to do anything. In addition, Carpal Tunnel is kicking my butt. My hands are...
  5. Bill Vining

    Etching logo on titanium?

    Anyone ever etch your logo on titanium? What did you use for electrolyte?
  6. Bill Vining

    How do you etch your damascus?

    I have always had trouble getting a deep black etch on my carbon damascus. It always seems to come out more gray than anything else. I have tried many methods recommended by other makers and I've never been happy with the results. I've recently spent some time trying various methods trying to...
  7. Bill Vining

    Knifemakers Law..............

    After you spend time precisely honing stop pins, pivot pins and grinding down screws to the exact length you need them, you drop one and it's obligation is to finds it's way into the deepest darkest recesses under your workbench.
  8. Bill Vining

    Just pulled the trigger!!

    Just ordered an OBM Surface Grinder attachment for my KMG. I used to have access to a fully automated surface grinder where I used to live. Well, I still have access to it but it's 2 hours away. I'll tell you that machine spoiled the crap out of me. Set it up, push the button and go have a cup...
  9. Bill Vining

    Finally finished one.

    My fist flipper. This one will remain in my pocket. It does not open with authority like it should. I need to work on detent placements and hole sizes. Great learning experience. Any tips on proper detent geometry to make this thing snap?? Thanks
  10. Bill Vining

    On the bench!

    Starting to get back into the swing of things. Ground about 10 test blades before I tried grinding a real one. I think these came out OK for a primary grind. I am finding out that the tips of my fingers are not quite as sensitive as they were years ago. It's getting tough to manipulate tiny...
  11. Bill Vining


    Hey all, It's been quite a while since I've been here. Several years ago, I had decided to take a short hiatus from knifemaking. During that time, I had made a difficult decision to dismantle my workshop as I needed the space in my little house. Everything was put in storage. Well, to make a...
  12. Bill Vining

    Pearl and Damascus Gents Knife

    Pearl and Damascus Gents Folder 2 1/2" Blade - 3 3/8" closed Delbert Ealy Blade and bolsters 2MM Lilac Amethyst Thumbstud Price reduced - $450 shipped CONUS Thanks for Lookin!
  13. Bill Vining

    Damascus Toothpick

    Finally got around to finishing one. It's tough getting into shop due to my work schedule. Damascus Texas Toothpick Carbon Fiber Scales Anodized Ti Liners Bunch of firsts for me as far as slipjoint First Bolsterless First Damascus First Ti Liner
  14. Bill Vining

    Orange G10 Hunter

    It's been quite a while since I finished a knife. This is one I just finished this morning and need to get it in the mail today. (Sorry for the crappy iPhone photo). After a long hiatus, I am trying to get back in the shop to finish a few knives started over a year ago and also start a...
  15. Bill Vining

    Texas Toothpick Slipjoint WIP/Tutorial

    I have been asked a few times to put a tutorial together so here we go.This tutorial is also posted on my web site. The most difficult part of making a slipjoint is getting the geometries of the tang and spring to...
  16. Bill Vining

    Soldering Slipjoint Bolsters

    I received a few emails lately asking me how I solder the bolsters on my slipjoints so I thought I would throw together a quick tutorial. This will show you the soldering technique only. How to get the bolsters to align together etc is a tutorial for another day. The products I use are Stay...
  17. Bill Vining

    B. Vining Maple Jack

    Single Blade Jack with Maple Burl CPM154CM Blade and Spring Stainless bolsters, pins and Shield Flush in all three positions 3 3/4" closed Bill's Custom Case SOLD!
  18. Bill Vining

    Box Elder Burl Swayback

    CPM154CM Blade and Spring 3 5/8" Closed Fully Fileworked 410 Stainless Liners 416 Stainless bolsters, pins and shield Flush when open, closed and at half stop Includes a "Bill's" Custom Case SOLD!! Thanks for lookin'
  19. Bill Vining

    It's about time!!

    Damn it's been a long time since I got one off the bench. Single Blade Jack with Maple Burl CPM154CM Blade and Spring Stainless bolsters, pins and Shield Flush in all three positions 3 3/4" closed
  20. Bill Vining

    The Turkey Hunt

    Perfect Thanksgiving video.......I don't know why but the first time I saw this I died laughing.