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  1. SHOKR

    Zipper Pouches (squishy and fluffy!)

    Hey guys I have some of these pouches in the US and ready to ship I have now 3 main sizes available, but for simplicity will group them into 2, "Folder", and "Large Wide" the folder has actually 2 sizes but also for sake of simplicity will sell both sizes as the smaller one of them (simple...
  2. SHOKR

    Mammoth Molar for sale

    2 sets of scales available Stabilized mammoth molar from Russia 145x40-50x9mm $165 + FREE shipping continental US 14x4.5x9cm $155 FREE shipping continental US PS: have beautiful round cut of mammoth ivory, if interested let me know
  3. SHOKR

    Integral Camp Knife by Songrit Mawan

    Integral Camp Knife by Songrit Mawan (Hack) Songrit is now probably the most sought after maker in Thailand, he is young and posses exceptional skill and dedication Steel: 52100 Handle: Payung Sheath: cowhide by Payakanon This knife looks great and feels great in the hand, whether you...
  4. SHOKR

    Damasteel + Marble carbon fiber dagger folder by J Wilmot

    long title? :D Dagger Folder by John Wilmot (member of knifemaker's guild of South Africa ) Blade: Damasteel Bolster: Damasteel Handle: Carbon Fiber $430 + shipping
  5. SHOKR

    Thai Integral Enep by Ampan Phonyangnok

    Integral Enep by Ampan Phonyangnok – Thailand Ampan is one of the best knifemakers in Thailand today. By now many knife enthusiasts know what an Enep is, but just in case it is a traditional multipurpose Thai blade that is still carried in some parts of thailand today (I saw that for myself...
  6. SHOKR

    Damasteel + Mammoth Molar Gentleman's folder by John Wilmot

    John is a guild member in South Africa, I like his work on a personal level and quite hard to beat the value of his work! Blade: Damasteel Bolster: Damasteel Scales: Mammoth Molar Comes with COA and our Zipper Pouch $470 + shipping (ships from Georgia)
  7. SHOKR

    Friction Folder by Tinus Stone

    Friction folder by Tinus Stone Blade: N690 stainless steel Handle: Pink ivory Leather Pouch Certificate of Authenticity $120 + shipping (ships from Georgia)
  8. SHOKR

    Advice and Accomodations sharing for BLADE 2020

    hey guys, If all goes well I will be heading to blade next year as a knife dealer, I booked accomodations but they are pricey (and have plenty of room) so I am looking to share, there will be 2 spots. If you're interested subscribe to this thread or keep my contacts, I will probably finalize...
  9. SHOKR

    someone to cut mammoth molar

    hey I am looking for someone (with a thin diamond saw) to cut mammoth molar (split 1/2" scale in two for example) if this works out would be somewhat regular thing thanks :)
  10. SHOKR

    Legal info for selling knives

    Hey guys, I started trading in knives, and want to get more direct and solid info regarding selling knives online but having the blades in NY I mean law says illegal, but there are knife shows there!! Any idea who can help? Thanks
  11. SHOKR

    Want a kydex sheath for Boker A-F Harsey 4.5 Applegate-Fairbairn

    hey guys anybody here has access to Boker Harsey A-F 4.5 and can make a kydex sheath for it? just to clarify, i can't send you the blade, so you need to have access to it one way or another if you can please post here or send me a message with sample of your work thanks
  12. SHOKR

    info on CNC mills?

    quick queshan to the knife and machining folk what are the minimum features I need to look for in a CNC mill looking for a small one (bench top, to do some knife stuff, knuckle dusters, etc.), and the reason my question is so vague is I know nothing about them but might get a chance to buy...
  13. SHOKR

    Workshop rules!

    WORKSHOP RULES: Shop rule #1: starting new projects is the sneakiest form of procrastination. Shop rule #2: the best way to find something is to lose something else and look for it. Shop rule #3: the best drive to finish a project is to start another project you don't want to work on. shop...
  14. SHOKR

    question about stress relief of D2 (in foil)

    hi-lo! I'm preparing to do my first in house HT (quite literal in my case since my HT oven is in the kitchen!) I want to do a stress relief before hardening, from supplier data sheet: Stress-relieving After rough machining the tool should be heated through to 650°C (1200°F), holding time 2...
  15. SHOKR

    Gun kote advice

    hey Ed I hope you don't mind me asking... I want to try coating my blades, and after bit of research I'm leaning towards Gun kote (I just saw on another thread that you use it) i checked the website but I don't know what to order, I emailed them but havent got a reply yet I'm looking mainly...
  16. SHOKR

    surface cracks

    Just saw this when i was about to start hand sanding Those lines across the knife appear to be surface cracks. They only appeared after it was surface ground (after HT) In your opinion can this blade be salvaged/used? Any thoughts?
  17. SHOKR

    failed annealing attempt (of O1 and K100 aka D3)

    hey guys long story short sometimes when i drill holes they harden when i cool with oil, so far i had no means of annealing but i bought an HT oven so few days ago i tried annealing O1 and k100 together set to 1460F for an hour and let them cool inside the oven overnight i already had all the...
  18. SHOKR

    giving knifemaking workshop

    hey guys recently guys from the local Fablab (and few others) showed interest in learning how to make knives. I finally have a chance to start spreading the craft here in Egypt, which is something I was looking forward to from day one of knifemaking problem is I can talk knives all day but...
  19. SHOKR

    few questions about using a band saw

    hey guys i bought a dewalt portaband while ago and used it for handle material and it was great, but when i started using it for cutting thong tubes or knife steel things got bit messy the tubes shave the teeth for some reason, any idea why? (and i think once the steel did that as well) i...
  20. SHOKR

    (how to) one tooling arm for several wheels

    hey guys i've been wanting to buy more wheels for quite sometime, the KMG i have was bought used from UK each attachment has its own arm. now i'm thinking about buying more wheels, 5",8", 12", one of which will be serrated (or 10") and i want to have single tooling arm that i would have...