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  1. Rick Haney Design

    Laser Cutting Composites?

    I'm looking at the feasablity of using a laser to cut composite materials.Some lasers are high energy for use with composites such as Carbon Fiber materials.I've had some composite parts waterjet cut,But delamination has been a issue.In the case of using waterjet,I have heard of backing the...
  2. Rick Haney Design

    Rick Haney/David Broadwell Hollowpoint Collaboration

    I just received the Hollowpoint Collaboration back from David,This all started when I asked David if he would do a collaboration with me on one of my folder designs.After many e-mails back & forth,We came to a agreement on the details.I built the knife up to send to David.He suggested leaving...
  3. Rick Haney Design

    Kraken Balisong Evolution

    Just recently there has been some renewed interest in the Kraken on another forum,So I decided to rework this design to incorporate a latch & clip to make it EDC carry ready.:biggrin:This is a few different views on Solidworks:
  4. Rick Haney Design

    1" wide contact wheel setop

    I've been contemplating going to a 1" wide contact wheels for awhile,Now I took the plunge!(pun intended) courtesy of Doug@ Stephen Bader & Co.He gratiously turned my 10" serrated & 3" smooth that was supplied with my Dozier Grinder,he promply sent these back to me!Saved money to boot.Doug is...
  5. Rick Haney Design

    Cover of American Handgunner Tactical Issue 2011

    I got a pleasant surprise scouring the local magazine store last weekend,I see my Shogun folder on the cover of American Handgunner Tactical Issue 2011.:what!: This all started at my table at 2009 Blade Show when a gentleman approached my table looking intentively at my knives,I noticed a FMG...
  6. Rick Haney Design

    My website is finally finished!

    I finally have my website up & running!Thanks to Raimund Lhotak's website skills I'm officially online.Check it out. It still needs some more work,I'll be adding some illustrations & jewelry to my Art section soon,I'll also have a blog...
  7. Rick Haney Design

    Vanquish(Vanax35)Necker Debut @ Blade

    This is a necker design Me & Pat Nihiser are collaborating on for Blade,I just received this piece of Uddeholm Vanax35 Nitrogen Stainless steel from Chuck Bybee @ AKS.Chuck is still in the process of becoming a Bohler-Uddeholm distributor,He was hoping to have this new super steel available @...
  8. Rick Haney Design

    Dragonfire Folder w/ Orange G-10 FS

    This Dragonfire was going with me to the Blade Show to show around,But I need some funds to get there.:D Here's the specs: 3.50"Hand Sculpted CPM S-30V w/stonewashed finish/Peter's HT Rc@59-60 Cryoed .120 thick Titanium liners All Ti parts are blasted & tumble finished Solid Ti backspacer...
  9. Rick Haney Design

    My first chisel grind blade carving

    I wanted to share a blade carving in progress.:DI'm working on a Renegade folder for a good friend & customer,This is my first attempt to do a chisel grind carving(right handed).The steel is CPM S-30V,As You can see I glue my CAD drawing directly to the blade to use as a guide to cut my bevels...
  10. Rick Haney Design

    Name this Folder Contest!

    I thought this would be some fun for us Knifedogs,I just designed this little folder.I normally come up with a name for my work,But I'm going to let this forum pick a name for this design.This design is small 6.64" OAL,Military names are ok.But would prefer non military names.I have a cool G-10...
  11. Rick Haney Design

    Sentinel Auto Folder Solidworks WIP

    This is my first attempt at designing a automatic button lock folder,I'm minimalizing the liner since I dont have a liner lock bar to design around. I've taken my S&W auto apart to study & measure how the button's relationship is to the blade tang & how these things work.I then drew the...
  12. Rick Haney Design

    Hollowpoint Folder for David Broadwell

    I've been talking to David Broadwell on the phone about both of us doing a collaboration together,This is the folder I'm making for David for his personal collection. I've admired his work for years now,I'm honored that David wanted Me to make him a knife! I've made a few changes to the...
  13. Rick Haney Design

    Taipan Balisong G-10 Proto mockup

    My love for the balisong has me thinking about making more balis in the future.I've been making a few Krakens here & there,But I feel I need to make some more bali designs I've been sitting on for too long. This is my Taipan balisong design,before I started designing on CAD,I mockuped my...
  14. Rick Haney Design

    Dragonfire invades NYC!

    This is one of two Dragonfires invading Three Little Indian Knives in NYC. I decided this design needed scales that would pop!Orange G-10 of course! Here's the specs: 3.50"Hand Sculpted CPM S-30V w/stonewashed finish .120 thick Titanium liners All Ti parts are blasted & tumble finished...
  15. Rick Haney Design

    Shogun w/Chad Nichol Damascus off to the Big Apple!

    Just finished up all my 7 folders going to Lawrence@Three Little Indian Knives tomorrow.There off to the Big Apple! This Shogun is my first carved blade of SS damascus,Love this stuff! This is Chad Nichols Ladder pattern. Here's the Specs: 3.65" Hand Sculpted Chad Nichols Damascus/...
  16. Rick Haney Design

    Tiger Attack Karambit going to NYC!

    This is the Tiger Attack Karambit design in the batch of folders for Lawrence@Three Little Indian Knives in NYC,Being a big fan of karambits & indonesian weapons,I make a few of these occasionally. The blade is hand sculpted CPM S-30V w/ handrubbed finish Peter's Ht RC 59-60 Cryo .120 thick...
  17. Rick Haney Design

    Shogun w/Blacksite CF

    Here's one of four Shoguns heading to Lawrence@Three Little Indian Knives this week hopefully. This batch of folders are my first to use a internal stop pin configuration. The blade is hand sculpted CPM S-30V w/ handrubbed finish. The CF scale material is from Tyson Roach@Blacksite...
  18. Rick Haney Design

    Looking for ATS-34 for karambit order

    I'm looking for a piece of ATS-34 or CM154 3" wide X at least 5/32 thick X 7".1/8" will work too.;) I'll trade out a fixed blade for enough to do several or more.:D
  19. Rick Haney Design

    My first Ti carving

    I've been wanting to try some carving on Ti for awhile,I'm using a CC Foredom flexshaft.Well I had some .160 scrap pieces to use.I use a printed CAD drawing glued for a pattern,I'm limited to a 1/8" carbide dremel bit. I could refine it more,But this is what it looks like roughed in.I bead...
  20. Rick Haney Design

    Bengal Claw Folder Prototype

    This is the Bengal Claw design,This design was inspired by a picture sent to me by a customer 4 years ago.The Bengal claw I seen was basically a claw blade with a ring attached by some binding. I thought to myself,It would be cool to make a folding version.This is the fourth evolution of the...