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  1. Jeff Conti

    to grind or not to grind.....

    I'm all for grinding to finished size and 400 gt finish. Saves belts and time. Once I take my blades out of the SS foil, I go straight to 400 gt and I get crisp lines. Also, I don't like the idea of taking the temper out of a blade. I'm sure you can master that with the sensitive thumbs but a...
  2. Jeff Conti

    Handle Size

    the knife above doesn't really show the radius but it's there. Also my swell is in the middle both in profile and in thickness. My customers love this handle.
  3. Jeff Conti

    Handle Size

    I think you have it. The radius on the edges is key. Most of my customers are men so it's very important for me to have good proportion of width to thickness. Those hard edges make a huge difference in comfort and fit. Remember, form follows function. The crisp lines might look good, but if the...
  4. Jeff Conti

    Flitz wax or Rennisance Wax

    I too have not heard about the Flitz wax. I am both knife maker and wood turner. When I spray lacquer on my wood turnings, I polish them with a liquid polish compound and then apply the Renaissance wax. Wow, what a pop. This wax is easy to apply, last's well and i use damn little on each piece...
  5. Jeff Conti

    Trip to the orchard...

    Do yourself a big favor and use a chainsaw and split them down the center taking about 1/2 to 1 inch of the core out. That's where all the stress is. You'll prevent a lot of checks and splitting that way. Then paint the ends with wax. Slow drying is best. Be damn sure to use a respirator when...
  6. Jeff Conti

    contact wheel questions.

    I have a rubber 8 inch wheel that I have used for 30 years. Rubber last longer. They might have a bit more traction on the belt depending on the hardness. I just built a NWG and added a 10 inch poly wheel. Cuts great. I don't know how long it will last but even if it's half as long as the rubber...
  7. Jeff Conti

    Number 6 and 7, please critique.

    My mandrel is threaded rod about 6 inches. If you have a flat tool rest with a "U" shape cut where the grinding wheel will fit into, then that is also your tool rest for this mandrel. I can control cutting the hexagon brass nuts round and then slightly bring one end of the mandrel away from the...
  8. Jeff Conti

    sharpening systems

    Gents, if you really want "scary sharp" check out Carter's instructional video. He uses japanese water stones. I've spent some time learning his style and I can attest to the "scary sharp".
  9. Jeff Conti

    One Step Forward, Three Steps Back...

    Looks like you are a fan of flat grinding. while I have hollow ground all my 30 something years, I like the look of your knives. The bottom one is my absolute favorite. Keep up the good work. I'd love to know how this one would look with a tapered tang and some nice wood. Keep up the hard...
  10. Jeff Conti

    Source for 2" Contact wheel (and do I need one?) + other NWG questions

    I built my NWG (I welded it) and haven't looked back. I think that the 3 inch would be fine since I never use the 2 inch. Definitely use a contact wheel though as I think it helps stabilize the tracking. Definitely buy the adapter for the swappable 3/4, 1 and 1 1/2 wheels for different fine...
  11. Jeff Conti

    Number 6 and 7, please critique.

    Short reply, I like your paring knife. Nice work. I'd think about peening the loveless rivets so that the gap from the thread is not seen. Either that or you can buy/make corby style rivets. I have made my own loveless rivets for decades and even have a small mandrel that I grind a slight taper...
  12. Jeff Conti

    Latest Knife & a Turkey

    I'm a father, grandfather and knifemaker. I much prefer the photo of you and your son. A couple of fine men and a beautiful bird! Good job dad! That said, Love the knife. Nice attention to detail. I'm a big fan of tapered tangs but then your file work would be lost. Love it!
  13. Jeff Conti

    Belt grinder?

    Gents, I have used a 2x48 knife grinder for 30 years. The belts became difficult to get, they wore out fast etc. But still my sander became the focus of many operations in my knife and woodworking shop. I looked at information on the KMG and then the No Weld Grinder. Hands down the best and...
  14. Jeff Conti

    Tapered tang/hollow grind with no grinder?

    Liam, I built my first knife on my dads wood sander. When I went into the military, I built a knife by clamping it to the floor of a small closet. Yes, I am a closet knife maker. I only used a flat file and round file and some sand paper to make that knife. Oh, and by the way, when I was done it...
  15. Jeff Conti

    One Step Forward, Three Steps Back...

    I agree, if I'm not blowing something up once in a while, I'm not pushing the envelope. Also, Time in the saddle will smooth out the wrinkles of new skills!
  16. Jeff Conti

    2nd Knife Finished / Critique

    Your grinds are looking good. Since you have skeletonized the handles, are you going to taper any of them? That adds a nice touch.
  17. Jeff Conti

    Semi Skinner

    Great old school form! I think it's a very fine knife with a big future.
  18. Jeff Conti

    Maker's Mark, Opinions?

    Liam glad that you are searching for a different mark. using an oval shape e.g. your name in an arch over and then your home town in an arch under (hence the oval shape) has been an old standby. Look at some of the older guys like Bob Loveless or Morseth. Not that this is what you should do, but...
  19. Jeff Conti

    Soldering 416 and D2

    Thanks Jay. I think I was overheating the flux. How do you apply the flux (after the solder pieces are laid down?). I used to paint the flux on the areas that I wanted to but that never seemed to work either (maybe I burned it then too).
  20. Jeff Conti

    Searching for tutorial on soldering 416 ss and D2

    I've searched and reviewed the master list but can't find a how to on soldering. Specifically, I am soldering 416 ss and D2 and failing. I'm using Stay Clean flux and solder although it's 10 years old. Help would be appreciated.