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  1. Jeff Conti

    Searching for tutorial on soldering 416 ss and D2

    I've searched and reviewed the master list but can't find a how to on soldering. Specifically, I am soldering 416 ss and D2 and failing. I'm using Stay Clean flux and solder although it's 10 years old. Help would be appreciated.
  2. Jeff Conti

    Soldering 416 and D2

    I have searched for tutorials on soldering and seem to be stuck (not finding what I am looking for). I've seen a youtube vid on soldering brass and when applied (I may have done a poor job) the tactics I seem to have failed badly. I'll post a similar question on the WIP and tutorial section. I'm...
  3. Jeff Conti

    Paul Beebe sheath tutorial: GREAT!!

    I've been searching the internet for tutorials with photos and the quality of workmanship I aspire to... Paul's tutorial is fantastic. the web site is: Nice work, Excellent layout start to finish...
  4. Jeff Conti

    Why men shouldn't be allowed to own GI Joes

    I couldn't resist!!!
  5. Jeff Conti

    Hot waxing? I've pasted the Outdoor Magazine article on hot waxing a completed knife sheath. It explains why he want's to hot wax... I'm wondering if there are any opinions from the experts. In advance... thanks.
  6. Jeff Conti

    Ranch Hand and Red Tide

    Thought I'd post my latest and one of my oldest. The Ebony handled knife is the latest and I call it "Ranch Hand". The tang is tapered with mosaic pins. The steel is D2. The dagger is nearly 20 years old but I just photographed it. The handle is micarta and the steel is 440C.
  7. Jeff Conti

    48" Speed-cut conversion to 72 inch

    Has anybody converted a 48" Speed-cut to a 72"? I've added an idler wheel behind the drive wheel giving me additional belt length but the existing tracking (upper idler wheel) won't move the belt side to side. Currently the belt runs center but we need to move the edge of the belt to the...
  8. Jeff Conti

    Hot topic, Cold question

    I've been reading about 3 pages of back threads on cryo and heat treat. I'm not ready to take a plunge into Liquid Nitrogen but I do wonder. I know I can go down to the grocery and buy a couple blocks of dry ice. I put some K1 kerosene and dry ice into a cooler, lay my knives in and come back a...
  9. Jeff Conti

    Photography box studio for knife photos

    Talk about good news. My wife just bought us a Nikon D 80. Naturally, the knifemaker in me starts talking about how to take studio photos of knives. I've heard about DIY box studios, but don't know where to look for more information e.g. box fabrication, what kind of light, set-up parameters...
  10. Jeff Conti

    Inclusions or carbides in 154 CM????

    I just unwrapped a .125 x 1.5 x 18 piece of 154CM, laid out my knife, sat down at the band saw and while cutting through it found my blade unable to proceed forward (like it had run up against something super hard) and then it pushed through (cutting normally again). This happened about 4 times...
  11. Jeff Conti

    Shop tip: profile patterns out of xray film

    I didn't notice a forum area for shop tips so "shop talk" seemed best. I was laying out 3 knives tonight using my favorite method and thought about you guys... uh oh. Draw your design on paper cut to within 1/4 inch or so of the profile, spray the back with 3m multipurpose spray adhesive...
  12. Jeff Conti

    Oven calibration check

    Any advice on checking the calibration / accuracy of my oven. I have an Even Heat. My wifes pottery kiln wasn't getting to proper temperature (she knew because her witness cones weren't drooping properly and her glazes weren't coming out). We swapped out the thermocouple and all is well. How do...
  13. Jeff Conti

    01 heat treat process

    I've been heat treating D2, 154 CM and 440C for several years and am satisfied with my process (although I just started Cryo treating them with dry ice and K1 kerosene). I am getting back into using 01. My plan is to add a little paper towel in the SS foil, seal it and heat in my Even Heat...
  14. Jeff Conti

    Hardness testers

    Any suggestions on purchasing a hardness tester. I don't mind checking the hardness with my file but would prefer to be able to confirm my heat treat process once in a while. I'm sure I could take a blade or two to a machine shop. Maybe save some dough for more steel and belts ;)
  15. Jeff Conti

    Cryogenic treatment for Knife steel

    For this tutorial, I don't have any photos, but then they would be rather anticlimactic any way. I recently read: Heat Treatment, Selection, and Application of Tool Steels [Paperback] by Bill Bryson (Author). This is an excellent easy to understand and follow source. In it MR Bryson describes...
  16. Jeff Conti

    Cpm 154???

    While I'm not new to knife making (1977) I have been away from it for about 4-5 years... and now, in searching for my favorite SS (154 CM) I find CPM 154. I understand that the CPM is a powdered metal. Since I heat treat my own blades and am satisfied with my process, I wonder if the CPM is a...
  17. Jeff Conti

    Retired and have the time to say Hi

    I've been retired for a couple of years but decided to get back into knife making. I started when I was 16 (1977) when I saw a knife my dad made. What a beast of a knife. I read a book on knife making and saw Rod Chappels knife and decided to make one like it. Well, I was 16... what do you...