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  1. Martin Schutte

    My first sword a Shikomizue a sword cane(Pic heavy)

    Good day gentleman I have not posted any knifes in a long time but did try my hand in making a sword with a WIP or show and tell (it is also a lot of work the Wip) seeing that some guys do them for us to learn from. You can call this a Shikomizue or a Sword cane. It is most famous for its...
  2. Martin Schutte

    The new Black Dragon edition to the workshop

    This is my first and brand new forge that I bought from a friend of mine he makes them and call them the "Black Dragon forge" post boxMK I and MK II Damascus forge(MK II the one that i have in the pics) It runs full blast at +- 1400 Deg Celsius, the refractory is graded 1600 and you need two...
  3. Martin Schutte

    Newby`s 1st 5160 forged and finished Monster Chopper!

    Hi Guys i`m a newby here at the dawgs and from S.A also still a newby at posting and knifemaking (forging + stock removal) I enjoy it a hell of alot. I feel welcome here and the info is amazing so is all the talent. This one was forged last year at a SABA hammer-in day (South African...