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  1. Shane Wink

    Pressed thumbstud

    I am planning to build a folder with a pressed thumb stud and I remembered to ream to a size .001-.003 under 1/4" but I don't remember seeing if it mattered whether the stud is press before or after HT. Anyone have a thought on this?
  2. Shane Wink

    Need handle scale edge finishing help

    How do you guys get a consistent edge around the border of the handle scales on Ti? I want the lines on the Ti scales to be crisp and not washed out but I dont know of a time efficient way to do them without a mill.
  3. Shane Wink

    Wharny FF

    I was inspired by a friction folder created by Belgian maker , Lucas Lardinosis, and had to have something similar. The cool thing was I had plenty of scrap in the shop to make the thing. 2.25" blade and 6.25" total length. .138 Ti scales and Aldos 1095. Its a full little folder and I will file...
  4. Shane Wink

    air compressor cfm advice

    I am looking to purchase an air compressor finishing G10, blasting blades and Ti folder frames. I have a few blast cabinets in mind but I dont know how much compressor is enough. No need to spend 600 on a compressor if the 300 will meet my needs. What cfm compressor do yall recommend for doing...
  5. Shane Wink

    Stop pins Question and source needed

    I have been specing out a tactical folder (Ti Framelock) and cant find a shouldered stop pin with 4/40 threads. I have a bag of shouldered stops threaded for 2-56 but can seem to find anything larger. Is a shouldered stop threaded in 2-56 plenty strong for a stop on a tactical folder? I also...
  6. Shane Wink

    First Hamon

    I decided to try some fireplace cement on some 1095 to see if I could produce a hamon with it. The tube was less than 4 bucks but rated at 2000*. I could see the hardening line at 400 and hand sanded to 1200 etching in a ferric chloride solution several times and on the last etch removed the...
  7. Shane Wink

    Three in 3v Bushcraft

    coco and 4" blade Sculpted and dyed G10 5" full convex Sculpted and dyed G10 4" saber
  8. Shane Wink

    Simple Six Skinners

    7/64 O1 and 1/8 AEBL Mixed bag of popular skinners
  9. Shane Wink

    O1 Skinner

    O1 skinner with stabilized Walnut scales sent to me from Bruce Bump at Christmas last year. 3.5" blade with distal taper 1/8" thickness 3/4 wide.
  10. Shane Wink

    Tapered Tangs VS Hollow Ground Tang

    Whats yalls thoughts on tapered tangs vs hollow ground tangs on the tacti-cool soldiers blades being offered? I understand there are several proven military blades out but if thats what guys wanted then they wouldnt be coming to me for a personal "warfighter". When I ask them about what...
  11. Shane Wink

    The Hunter 2.0 CPM 10v

    CPM 10v 4" blade FFG 8.25 OAL 64 Rc Stub tang, G10 handles, corbys and Ti throng tube.
  12. Shane Wink

    CPM10v hunter

    Darren Sanders and I recently began working with CPM 10v. His offering was sweet and performed very well and here is my offering for a utility/hunter. 4" CPM 10v Rc 64 8.25 OAL .145 FFG with distal taper to tip, textured G10 handle and tang. Swelled Ti throng tube. Very light, stiff, strong and...
  13. Shane Wink

    10v Hunter

    CPM 10v 4" stubtang hunter with G10 frame and tang. FFG with distal taper starting at .145, Rc 64 8.25 OAL. Ti throng and lanyard bead. Light strong wear resistant. Because its wear resistance is so extreme getting a polished finish is not economically viable. I drew a strong influence from...
  14. Shane Wink

    Rondy Comp HAwk

    I needed a hawk for a rondy last week and decided to forge one from some L6 billets I have reserved for such purposes. Its total overkill but shaving the steel off their hawks with mine is a cool and awesome feeling lol! You should have seen the look on their faces when after getting the bet...
  15. Shane Wink

    Seeking results for 1080+/ 80CRV2

    Does anyone want to give their experiences with this steel and how they would compare it to 1080, 1084 or 5160? Could you also give your equipment and the Rc you believe it to be? I am asking because I have some 1/4 stock that I plan to forge into some camp choppers and a machete or two and am...
  16. Shane Wink

    Straight Razor info

    I will be forging some straight razor blanks next week in preparation of making my first razor. The largest contact wheel I have is a 2" and I have read where guys have used them to hollow grind the blanks. I cant afford a 4 or 8" contact wheel so I am considering trying the 2" wheel or making a...
  17. Shane Wink

    Finger Choil Advantages ..... not seeing it

    I made a couple hunting knives for some hog hunters a while back and they insisted that the blades both have large finger choils in front of the guard. I did as they asked but just never could understand why they wanted them and for what real purpose they really served. If I am going to be...
  18. Shane Wink

    a few to share

    Here are a few ready for Santa to pack up and deliver!
  19. Shane Wink

    Wounded Warrior Projects Deerpocalypse '13 knives

    I was approach by our local WWP point man, John Nolan, to make a knife as a grand prize for their annual deer hunt. They did not know how long it would take to make a knife and the deadline was pretty quick. I mentioned it to Darren Sanders and in true blue fashion he mentioned having a blade he...
  20. Shane Wink

    Asymmetrical Chisel Grind toughness test vid

    I made an Asymmetrical Chisel Ground blade to see how the design preformed and if the good and bad I had been warned and told abut were really true. I have been testing the blade for over a week 1/2 and have come to prefer the grind for what I desire in my hunting/ general bushcraft blades...