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  1. Jake Mello

    A few I just finished up.

    These are going out today. Questions and comments welcome. Thanks for looking, Jake
  2. Jake Mello

    Blacked out "Small Arm" w/ carbon fiber**SOLD**

    Have a "Small Arm" up for sale. OAL: 7.0" Blade Length: 3.0" Steel: Acid washed ATS-34 w/swedge Shealth: Blk kydex w/molle lok Handle material: Carbon fiber Price: $OLD plus $8.60 shipping and 4% PP (PM me or post "I'll take it" in this thread if interested.) Thanks for...
  3. Jake Mello

    Some show and tell!!!

    Here is one I finished today. Going out on monday. And some playing around with my pictures. Thanks for looking, Jake
  4. Jake Mello

    Post your business cards!!!

    Got this idea when Steven Janik posted his proofs. I just got mine in today also. So why not have everyone post theres, so that people out there can get some ideas on what is best to have on there cards. Or just some good ol' fashioned "My card is better then yours" action. :haha: Here is...
  5. Jake Mello

    Another Side Arm.

    Just finished this one up. I really like how the handle turned out. OAL: 8.5" Blade length: 4" Handle material: Blk/green G-10 Blade Steel: .187" D2 Thanks for looking. Questions and comments welcome, Jake
  6. Jake Mello

    Been having a rough week.

    Yesterday was the 6yr. annaversiry of my fathers death. Every year just seems to get a little better, but only as good as the memorie of a parents death can be. I am not sure why I am sharing this, but I know I need to expess it to people outside the family. Plus there are alot of good people in...
  7. Jake Mello

    Happy B-Day Beisser!!!

    Happy B-Day Beisser!!! happy bday
  8. Jake Mello

    Happy B-Day TKC!!!

    Happy B-Day TKC!!! happy bday
  9. Jake Mello

    A new model for the new year!!!

    Introducing the "Small Arm". OAL: 7.0" Blade Length: 3.0" Steel: ATS-34 Shealth: Blk kydex w/molle lok Handle Material: OD G-10/Cyote Brown G-10 Small Arm w/swedge Small Arm Thanks for looking, Comments and questions welcome Jacob Mello
  10. Jake Mello

    Show your swords!!!

    Thought I would start a picture thread here. I don't own any swords, nor have I built any (YET). But I love seeing everyone elses. So show us your steel!!!
  11. Jake Mello

    Current endeavor

    Thought I would share some pic's of my current project for some criteque. Wanted to make a straight razor. Also wanted to do some file work, Sooo. Why not both at the same time. Pic's arn't so great, so just lean in a squint, it helps2thumbs Thank's for looking, Jake
  12. Jake Mello

    **Logo Contest**

    Hey everyone, I am having trouble coming up with some different logo ideas. So I decided to hold a contest. I want all you creative types to get in on this. Well this is how it will work. I have a logo I drew up a long while back. I will post it here. This will serve as a bases for your...
  13. Jake Mello

    Happy B-Day slitter81!!!

    happy bday Happy B-Day slitter81!!!
  14. Jake Mello

    Want to buy (or trade for) Rules.

    Please Read. Thanks, Jake
  15. Jake Mello


    Please post an introduction before posting in the sales section. We want to know who we are dealing with . People that don't introduce themselves and post here( first, will have their post removed. Thank's
  16. Jake Mello

    A couple of special order knives.

    Sorry about the pic's, there hasn't been enough sun out lately. But here are the knives. Both 1095 stonewashed finish. One is a "M.U.C." the other Is a "Silent Ronin". The M.U.C. has black G-10 with red liners. The Silent Ronin has gray G-10 with black liners. Thank you for looking, Jake
  17. Jake Mello

    Happy B-Day Cotherion!!!

    happy bday Happy B Day Cotherion!!!
  18. Jake Mello

    Happy B-Day T Blade!!!

    happy bday Happy B-Day T Blade!!!!
  19. Jake Mello

    Happy B-Day Shawn Knowles!!!

    happy bday Shawn Knowles!!!
  20. Jake Mello

    Proto M.U.C. (Mello Utility Combat)

    Thought I would post some pic's and see what you all thought. Thanks for looking. Comment's welcome.2thumbs Proto M.U.C. (Mello Utility Combat) OAL: 7.875" Blade Length: 3.5" Steel: Stonewashed 1095 Handle Material: Blk/OD G-10