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  1. EdCaffreyMS

    Do you own an oscillating tool??

    If so, then you own something that can be a great help with "hand" sanding! This lupus stuff, has proven a challenge for many of the things I do. Hand sanding is a biggie....may hand hurt so bad I can hardly grip the sanding stick. So, I found something that has helped me tremendously. An...
  2. EdCaffreyMS

    New URL for KnifeMakerTraining

    Recently, Tim had to move the KnifeMakerTraining web site to a new server, and as a result, it required an updated URL. ( What this means is that not only does the site itself have a new URL, but it means that the many links that I have posted have also changed, and...
  3. EdCaffreyMS

    "Split Personality" Folder/Flipper

    Newest generation of my "Split Personality" folders. One side tactical/utility, and the other side Dress/Damascus
  4. EdCaffreyMS

    Work area lighting

    A while back we talked about the LED lights being sold, and using them in the shop. I kept watch on Amazon's Daily Deals, and picked up a couple, just to try.....they are awesome! A couple days ago, I purchased another type that has panels, and tried them in the track lighting over my...
  5. EdCaffreyMS

    An update to my "Split Personality" Flipper!

    Been having more "good" days than bad lately, so I've finally got to work on something I've wanted to for a while. Those who've know/followed me for a while will recognize the term "Split Personality"...... so here's and update on the design. After posting the video.... I realized it didn't...
  6. EdCaffreyMS

    Just Because

    With all the negative stuff we are bombarded with on a daily basis, maybe we should take a note out of Blade's playbook....... Work, then just relax, cool down, and unwind! Have a great weekend!!
  7. EdCaffreyMS

    Angle Peen Forging Hammers

    I have a few Angle Peen forging hammers available! You can get all the details here: Email or PM me if your interested!
  8. EdCaffreyMS

    Latest Folding/Slip Joint Scalpels

    I've decide that these are gona be made in VERY limited numbers. They are a ton of work, and after making the first 5, the "fun" meter has just about bottomed out. o_O I've got 3 that are available right now, and depending on demand, it may be a while before I tackle anymore. You can find...
  9. EdCaffreyMS

    Folding/Slip Joint Scalpels Available

    I have 3 Folding/Slip Joint Scalpels available. They use replaceable #22 scalpel blades, and come in Damascus of 1080 & Nickel 200. They are finished in clear Gun-Kote for durability and zero maintenance. Cost is $325.00 each, plus shipping/Insurance. For all the details, click on the link...
  10. EdCaffreyMS

    Review of a new handle material (Ritchlite)

    A couple months ago I stumbled upon what I thought would be a great new handle material. The material is called Ritchlite. It's a paper laminate material, that is inexpensive, and touted as being "sustainable". Personally that doesn't mean anything to me, but I suppose it may to some. It is...
  11. EdCaffreyMS

    Mosaic Damascus Hunter

    Mosaic Damascus Hunter with fluted Nickel Silver guard and spacers. Koa wood handle, with Tru-Oil finish. Blade is finished with clear Gun-Kote for durability and minimal care requirements. Very fine/tight Damascus pattern Overall Length: 9 7/8" Blade Length: 4" Price: $785.00 Plus...
  12. EdCaffreyMS

    Twist Damascus Skinner

    Twist Pattern Damascus Skinner. Blade is twist pattern Damascus of 1080 and 15N20 steels. Finished with clear Gun-Kote for durability and near zero maintenance. Fluted Nickel Silver guard and spacers, Koa Wood handle, with Tru-Oil finish. This is a bigger, beefier knife than I normally...
  13. EdCaffreyMS

    Slipjoint scalpel....for me.

    I've seen these around, and thought that I'd like to make one for myself. Well, today I decided it was time. I robbed some parts from an existing scalpel, and made something that every self respecting Doctor should own! :) This one uses #20-#24 replaceable scalpel blades, and has mosaic...
  14. EdCaffreyMS

    600 Grit Belts?

    OK Gang..... for literally years, I have been looking for a "good" 600 grit belt. I can't even list all the ones I've tried and rejected.....usually because they just have zero that I mean that most of them won't even make it through both sides of a single blade..... it's very...
  15. EdCaffreyMS

    Propane Forges.... A Primer

    Just finished a blog post on the KMT sale site/blog. Have had a lot of requests from beginners on propane forge information. Although this is geared toward the novice, there are some nuggets in there that even seasoned forgers might like.
  16. EdCaffreyMS

    A Possible replacement for Gun-Kote 2400

    Trying something new. Gun Kote has gotten difficult to get.... I've had a devil of a time trying to get any of it, so I found another least I think. So far I've applied it to 3 test blades that I took out and tortured, a Damascus Hammer, and as I type...
  17. EdCaffreyMS

    Cowboy CB4500 Sewing Machine

    Well, with the Tippmann Boss stitcher sold, the new Cowboy CB4500 Sewing Machine arrived Monday. Kudos to Ryan Neel for the outstanding packing job.....had it been otherwise, I'm sure I'd be dealing with a damaged freight shipment now. Cindy helped me get to the shop, from the end of the...
  18. EdCaffreyMS

    New Batch of Forging Hammers Available!

    Just finished posting new Angle Peen Forging Hammers on the website. Available are 5 Right Handle Angle Peens Hammers, 1 "Double Draw" Hammer, and 2 Damascus Hammers, You can see them, and all the details here:
  19. EdCaffreyMS

    Angle Peen Forging Hammers For Sale!

    Finished up some standard Angle Peen Forging Hammers. I have a total of 5 Right Hand Angle Peen Hammers (with split Hickory Handles), 1 "Double Draw" Hammer (Split Hickory Handle), and 2 Damascus Hammers. For Details, and Pricing, follow this ling to the website page...
  20. EdCaffreyMS

    Group Therapy?

    Hi, My name is Ed..... and..... and.....and..... I hoard old worn out belts. (That's a 50gal contractor's garbage bag!) What do you need Group Therapy for???