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    Handle process WIP

    I am posting this WIP to get some constructive criticism and hopefully help me sort out my handle process. I am a newer maker, so my work is nothing like the stuff you guys post, but if you what to get better you gotta stick your neck out a bit I suppose. I have a cheaper phone, photos leave a...
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    Fixed blade

    Finished this knife this week. feel free to critique. The blade shape is inspired by a Case folder I carry. It is close to 8 inches overall. 1084 carbon steel, green bone handles and brass bolsters. The handles were jigged but I had to grind the jigging out and then re-cut them. It has a...
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    Hello from Nebraska

    My name is Tell Deatrich and I am from south west Nebraska. I learned to make knives from a retired shop teacher who is a great mentor. I am just starting out in the world of knife making, but have managed to sell a few here and there. I am trying new things and attempting to make something...