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  1. son of liberty

    JF#1 Burner?

    Dose anyone have any first hand with these? They look very well built and the cost is pretty good. I found a few clips of them on there sight but if any one is useing them I would love to hear some opinions.
  2. son of liberty

    52100 and salt pots

    I need a start point, dose someone have a recipe? If you would explain all the steps from fresh bar to temper in high temp , low temp pots?
  3. son of liberty


    Ok folks, I have never had the honer of working with a Knife maker or smith or seeing one work beyond Youtube. I have been forging out knives and finishing them on the belt grinder, my question is to what level of completion do you forge a knife before you start grinding on it? Some pictures...
  4. son of liberty

    Gift for a stranger

    Forged this out of a file, Its flat ground with a convex edge its long. about 12 inches total.
  5. son of liberty

    WIP First hidden tang

    Forged this out from Aldos 1084 this morning. Lousy pictures but im happy with the progress. Blade is 6 inches long forged from 1in x.25 bar.
  6. son of liberty

    High temp salt tanks.Need help

    Ok I have a few questions for toughs of you using these. Im looking at building one but cant decide if I want to go with gas or electric heat. My plan is that if I go with gas ill build it much like a round forge on end with a PID controlled gas valve, pretty much the same if I go with electric...
  7. son of liberty


    OK so I got some steel from an old mill blade a few weeks ago and fell in love, this stuff is just great! I want to work this some more , but I cant find Flat bar anywhere! Am I going to have to forge down round bar to get this stuff of do any of you know anywhere I can find some ground flat bar?
  8. son of liberty

    where to find mokume rod?

    I need to find some Mokume pin material for a knife im working on. Dose anyone even make it?
  9. son of liberty

    Knife makers supply problems!

    I can get the USA Knife maker supply sight to load up the pages , it just gives me some sort of cant load message. Is anyone else haveing this problem. Im about to make a belt order and want to use his article about what belts to buy and buy the belts from him but I can get in there.
  10. son of liberty

    Convex edge grinding

    How are you guys doing it? I work the bevels down some and then start working the bevel on the unsupported belt, Im getting a very good convex bevel , I just wanted to get some ideas from you guys
  11. son of liberty

    First Day with the grinder

    Well I bought a grinder off of here and today was my first day with it. I went kinda crazy trying to learn it but I think ill pick it up OK. Anyhow here is the product of a few hours, I just used the 60 grit belts that were thrown in with the grinder, so allot of finish and the hard part...
  12. son of liberty

    First heat treat

    I pounded this out on the back of an axe that I drove in to a round of wood with a hammer and file finished slightly. Its pretty crude but I got the heat treat right or so I think. I use an old BBQ and a shop vac set up to blow rather then suck, I used Oak wood and got the blade up to cherry...
  13. son of liberty

    Forged this morning

    I beat this out this morning and cleaned it up a bit with a file. Figured I would get opinions from the experts. Still need to shape and smooth a bit , I'm going to finish to about 400 and give it a boiled mustard finish. Raw hide and bead worked sheath. Handle will be something like deer crown...
  14. son of liberty

    Japanes Knife help!

    What is this style of knife called and how dose the handle attach?
  15. son of liberty

    1095 or 01 for my use?

    OK folks, I have drawn a pattern that I cant stop looking at, I pinned it up on the wall and it just seems to sing to me. The idea is a large bushcraft type knife 5in blade 5in handle, long scandi grind on a thick chunk of steel 3/16 probably. I like the single bevel scandi edge for many reasons...
  16. son of liberty


    Hey all, im a amature knife maker, I have forged a few files and stuff like that. saw GLWJ on anouther forum and traced it here, good sight.