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    01 slicer stained black

    A few weeks ago i made a 6" knife out of 01 and tonight while slicing an onion the steel reacted with the onion juice enough to leave black stuff all over the was ugly! Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience. I was going to make a large chef knife out of 01...
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    satanite ?

    i have some 1084 and want to take advantage of its hamon potential...have read alot about satanite but cannot find it locally..anybody here that can steer me toward getting some? thanks
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    forging question

    Hello, I am a newb.anyway I am in the boat business and I have alot of bronze and nickle-bronze marine salvage fittings that I think I could use for guards,butt caps etc. Can you forge weld this stuff or heat and shape with a hammer. thanks