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    Need help with my heat treating

    One of my New Year’s resolutions was to really work on my heat treating of blades.I know this was something I need to get better at, so I can get consistent results on the metals that I use. Well, I’ve hit a wall and I need some expert advice. I’d sure appreciate any help and/or insight that...
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    Kirinite scales

    Last August at Boss's hammer-in, I was fortunate enough to get a set of orange Kirinite knife scales. It definitely has a smell like Lexan when you work with it. I made this knife for my son as a deer hunting present, which I'll give to him tomorrow. Should be easy to see when he lays it down...
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    Hi from Minnesota

    Hi Everyone, what a great forum this is. I have a life long interest in knives, and have been learning the skills for the past 10 years or so. I'm recently retired, and now have the time to injoy my new career. I have been blessed to spend time with some very good knife makers in this area...