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  1. Calvin Robinson

    Ive been a long time gone.

    Anybody besides Boss remember me?
  2. Calvin Robinson

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all my Christian friends!
  3. Calvin Robinson

    Another engraved slipjoint.

    I made this Small Trapper a while back and recently sent it off to Alice Carter to have some engraving done. I think she did an excellent job.
  4. Calvin Robinson

    Pro photo of my award winning knife.

    Thank you Knifemakers Guild for the Best Folder award at the recent ICCE show.
  5. Calvin Robinson

    Having fun at the ICCE.

    I'm grateful to the Knifemakers Guild judges for awarding me this.
  6. Calvin Robinson


    This weekend, y'all come!
  7. Calvin Robinson

    Slipjoint for ICCE

    This is my last knife to make before the ICCE show. My Cracker model slipjoint, with Bakelite handle scales.
  8. Calvin Robinson

    Damascus skinner.

    This is my Big Brother model I made from HHH damascus and curly ash with a coffee etch on the blade.
  9. Calvin Robinson

    Simple fixed blade.

    Big Brother skinner in the works. HHH carbon Damascus with curly ash scales.
  10. Calvin Robinson

    Making washers.

    I use washers I stead of grinding a relief in my liners so I must make my own. These are bronze, .375" X .096" X .008". I use this spin jig on my surface grinder to make square pieces of shim stock into round washers.
  11. Calvin Robinson

    Slip joint pocket knife.

    I finished this today and I'm real happy with the results. 4 3/8" long closed, 3 3/8" long blade of Mike Norris stainless damascus, red stag scales, integral bolsters, liners, caps of 416 stainless, Sandvik 14C28N for the spring, bronze pivot washers and stainless pins. I made the shield from...
  12. Calvin Robinson

    100%er knife sold.

    We had a silent auction at the 100%er knife show Saturday at Cutlery Collection in Plano ,Texas, to sell this knife that Paul Lebatard and I collaborated on, it's our version of the 100%er trademark. The winning bid was $2500.00 . We will use all the proceeds from this sale to advertise our group.
  13. Calvin Robinson

    100%er's knife show. Y'all come!
  14. Calvin Robinson


    I finished this Small Trapper yesterday. I made it to take to the 100%er's show , July 15th, in Plano Texas. Charlie and Harry Mathews gave me some Bakelite last year when I visited them for a deer hunting trip. I've never worked with Bakelite before but I really like it. What do y'all think?
  15. Calvin Robinson

    LeBatard/Robinson collaboration.

    Paul Lebatard and I collaborated on making this knife to raise advertising funds for the 100%er organization. The knife is 14" long overall with a 1/4" X 8 1/2" 440C blade, Blackwood handle and 416 stainless fittings. We will have it at the 100%er Micro invitational knife show at Cutlery...
  16. Calvin Robinson

    I had some pro photos of my last three knives I've made.

    Chuck Ward did a good job of polishing these turds.
  17. Calvin Robinson

    Chef knife

    I started this knife last September then left it on my bench and went deer and Turkey hunting for 7 months. Now I'm back at it and hope to finish it up tomorrow.
  18. Calvin Robinson

    Japanese pareing knife.

    I bought this knife from Comet (Trey Richburg) at Paul Lebatard's hammer In, Saturday. Trey makes very fine Japanese style kitchen knives. I'm not familiar with the Japanese lingo used to describe their knives so I call this a pareing knife. The AEBL blade is 4.5" long and the knife is 8.5"...
  19. Calvin Robinson

    Paul Lebatard hammer in.

    Keith Willis and I enjoying the best hammer in in the south. Deep in the Vancleave Mississippi backwoods at the shop of Paul Lebatard.
  20. Calvin Robinson


    Merry Christmas to all of my Christian brothers here on Knife Dogs!