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  1. murphda2


    Several months ago while talking with Chris Taylor of “Taylor Made Knives”, I commented that I thought his little “Nessie” folder would made for a nice pocket fixed blade. Chris paraphrased his favorite Nike commercial and said, “Do it!”. I did.... (he’s now offering a similar model)...
  2. murphda2

    “MurAus” DIWB

    Last year while hanging out with my buddy Joel Austin at his shop I sketched out the pattern for this blade with Joel’s input. when it came time to name it, we decided to keep it simple. Differentially heat treated 1095 (unetched) Desert Ironwood Burl over orange G10 liners Mosaic Pin/Copper...
  3. murphda2

    Fruitful Day

    I woke up on the couch last night around midnight and lounged around watching tv for a bit. Then the I hit the shop around 0330 with a plate of W2, my Pocket-Muk pattern and my custom Jeff Pearce carbide scribe. A couple of hours later I had six blanks cut, drilled and profiled before breakfast...
  4. murphda2

    A Re-Introduction

    It’s been a while KD..... Life has been up and down and really hectic for the past couple of years. Though I haven’t been posting, I pop in from time to time to look around. For those who do not know/remember me, my name is David Murphy. I’ve been a member here at KD since I think the second...
  5. murphda2

    Two For A Soldier's Sons

    A couple of months ago I pulled out an old blade that has been laying around unfinished since some time in 2010 and finished it up. When I took it to the office, my boss asked me to make a couple of blades for his sons for Christmas. I agreed, if he would help so that he could tell his sons he...
  6. murphda2

    New Toy In The Works

    Time for my dreams to come true!!! Over the next few months Uncle Jim will be finishing up the center piece of my collection, a MONSTER Fighter. Approximately 12" in length by a little over 2" in width and 3/8" thick at the ricasso. I'm expecting a piece of perfection when this one is complete.
  7. murphda2

    New Addition

    The family and I had the chance to spend the weekend with Uncle Jim and Aunt Jennifer Crowell this weekend. While we were there I had the chance to watch Jim finish this one up for me. On my last visit he fit the guard and glued up the handle. Today he cut the handle and guard, shaped, and...
  8. murphda2

    Need A Lead On Wood

    I have a knife I commissioned a couple of years ago and it has been on hold due to my inability to choose the handle material. This piece will be the center point of my collection, so I need the perfect block of wood. I've decided on Black Walnut but I want the absolute best piece possible...
  9. murphda2


    For those of you who do not know me, my name is David Murphy or "Murph" as most refer to me as. I've been a member here on KD since I believe the second or third week after Boss opened the forum. I'm an avid knife enthusiast, collector (when I can afford it), hobbyist maker, and designer. I...
  10. murphda2


    I wanted to take a moment to apologize for my absence over the past two months. Life around our house has been quite different since welcoming Mia home. I find myself climbing out of bed a little earlier these days and spending a lot of time just sitting and starring at Mia when I should be...
  11. murphda2

    She's On Her Way!!! / She's Finally Here!!!

    Long story short, my beautiful "Mrs", Nadine, is having some minor complications with her pregnancy and our Dr has decided that it would be best to induce labor three weeks early. "Mia Arianna Murphy" will be joining us within the next day and Nadine and I are over joyed to welcome her. We would...
  12. murphda2

    Shawn Ellis Competition Cutter

    The baby is almost here and I promised the "Mrs" that I wouldn't buy any new toys without giving up toys to fund it. I've been on a bit of a health kick lately and really enjoying riding my bike again but I would like to upgrade to a road bike. This mountain bike of mine is beating me up...
  13. murphda2

    Congratulations, Steve Randall, J.S.

    I just read a FB post by Steve Shackleford announcing this years Journeyman Smith title reciepients. Congratulations Steve! Dang well deserved!!!
  14. murphda2

    Anyone Near Bozeman Montana?

    I'm looking for someone in or near Bozeman Montana who might be able to do me a favor on June 9th. Anyone?
  15. murphda2

    WARNING: "Smart Fortress 2012"

    I don't know if you guys are familiar with this virus or not, but I recently had a really horrible run in with it. While trying to do research on a knife I've been considering putting on the market I visited numerous dealer's sites checking values of the maker's work. Then I opened a new page...
  16. murphda2

    It's Official, I'll Have Money No More Forever!

    It's a GIRL! Nadine and I just got home from our five month appointment and visit to see the Ultra Sound Specialist. The tech confirmed 100% that it is a GIRL. Sometime during the last week of September or first week of October, Mia Arianna Murphy will officially join our family. I need...
  17. murphda2

    Murphy Military Build

    I was contacted by a fellow NCO I taught with at Camp Shelby, Ms. last night. He transferred to a new duty station at about the same time I left last Spring. He and a team will be deploying to Afghanistan in a few months and he has asked me to build knives for them. Seeing as I'm currently...
  18. murphda2

    Sorry I've Been MIA Lately, But LIFE Happens.

    Things have been a bit crazy lately on the work and home front. Work has had me on the road more than I care to mention and diving through hoops it seems in order to prepare for a gov't mandated vacation. Well, vacation plans have now been put on hold until I can find a new group to go with...
  19. murphda2

    Any KD Members In Portland,Or Area?

    I'm looking for someone in the Portland, Or area who can help me out. I have a rucksack I'm trying to buy from a guy but he refuses to ship. He wants to do a local pick up only. If you're in the area and can help me out I would greatly appreciate it.
  20. murphda2

    Happy Veteran's Day

    I'll be in the Ozarks this weekend with family and friends escaping the hecticness we call life. I'll have the honor of having dinner with my old battle buddy and mentor which I haven't seen in over four years and my newly assigned team leader who will be working along side me for our next...