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    Bowie/Fighter Video by Jason Volkert Knives

    I made a video on the last finished Bowie I made. Just to show a closer look. Let me now if my video skills are any good.
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    double post
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    Help with phone please!!

    I broke the screen on my galaxy note 8. Have any of you ever fixed a crack screen with one of those DIY screen repair kits they sell on the internet??
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    Jason Volkert Kith 2019

    I guess I better get going on this. I been drawing this up for the last couple knights. Still not sure about the handle shape but I like the blade and the gaurd so far. Disclaimer: This is not a how too. I have know clue to what I am doing. I am a 100% internet/self taught. This is just the...
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    A simply bowie

    A simple Fighter/Bowie. 8 1 /2 " W2 blade with hamon Harpoon clip piont 1 3 1 /2" overall knife size Forge finish on the flats Wrought iron gaurd The wrought iron is from 1887yr Wrought iron is etched 2 black vulcanized fiber spacers And copper spacer Tasmanian blackwood handle Domed...
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    Simply Small Kitchen Utility Knife

    A simple small kitchen Utility Knife I finished up today. The steel Nitro-V. Heat treated, Cryo, and Tempered to 63hrc. 416 Stainless bolsters and pins Curly Koa from @Gene Kimmi Thanks for looking:)
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    Torx screws

    Can anybody suggest where to get a good set of torx head screw drives? Ideally a set that has good sizes for folders?
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    Full Tang EDC

    I made this blade like 2months ago. Just getting around to posting it. Its forged 1084 4" blade Nickle Silver bolsters Nickle Silver pins Black vulcanized liners Curly koa from are own forumite Gene Tapered Tang This 1 will not be leaving my shop. There's 2 mistakes on it. Even though it...
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    3m vs Norton

    Question for those of you that have used trizacts and Norax belts. Which do like better??
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    I'm still me!!!!!! Lol I just wanted to give everybody a heads I switch my forum name to my real name (use to be Volkert Forge) I also opened a new intsagram account under "JasonVolkertKnives". Not that anybody careso_O;)
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    A simple hunter

    I finished this 1 a week or so ago. Those of you that follow me on Instagram probably already seen it. If you don't follow me on Instagram you should (Volkertforge) I will follow you back. Anyway: Blade: 1084 4 1/2" long Guard: Bronze and a black vulcanized spacer Handle: OD Green G10 Pin...
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    Harpoon clip Bowie

    This just a Bowie. Not the KITH Bowie. I plan on doing a Bowie similar to this 1 but with a Hamon for the KITH. Some of you that follow me on Instagram have seen it already but still wanted share it here. Anyway let me know what you think. Harpoon clip Bowie 1084 steel Bronze gaurd Bronze...
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    1075 Hamon

    After seeing @Justin Presson thread on 1075. I thought I would show this 1 I just finished scrubing. Its forged from aldo's new batch. Anyway thanks for looking
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    I need to get a good etcher for etching my mark on blades. What do you guys think is a good etcher. I have checked out the personalizer. Is it worth it to get the personalizer plus. Or would you get a deff machine. I have no experiance with etching. Any advice would be greatly appreciated...
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    Question on belts

    I have been trying a lot of different 2x72 belts to figure out what I like. So far I have found a 36grit ceramic 60grit ceramic both VSM and I have found a 220grit Norax belt that I like. I have been in search of a 120grit belt. Has anybody found a 120grit belt that they like?
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    I just heard about some E-bay sellers selling steel is not real. They are calming they have 5160, 1084, and who knows what else. It is all MILD STEEL. They are catching a lot of new knifemakers out there. I can't believe how low some people are. I know anybody that been doing this for a while...
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    A Christmas present

    I am working on a small hidden tang knife. This is the first knife I am making for somebody. All my past knifes that I have made were all practice knives that I did destruction testing on to see if I could make a knife that is nice to look at but more importantly that it was functional. So I am...
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    Does anybody have a good link for a good affordable Rockwell tester
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    Question for the hive mind.

    I have read all of the threads on here on building a surface grinder attachment for a 2x72. I know a couple of you have built them. I have sourced most of the parts. My question is what size contact wheel should I go with? And for the guys that have built 1, Is there anything that you would...
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    New Jack

    I just wanted to introduce myself and say Hi. I've been blacksmithing for quite a while and recently started making blades. Looking forward to learning what I can from this Forum.