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  1. wmhammond

    Last off my bench

    This is my last completion. I call it my Buffalo Hunter. Alabame Damascus blade dressed in Chechen Wood with a Buffalo hide sheath.
  2. wmhammond

    Custom Matching Suspender Knives

    Built these for a good customer. Ever dtied to build a matching set? Don't.
  3. wmhammond

    Tried something new - a display knife

    I have made a number of Native American Replica Knives, built a regular sheath for them and sold them as users. They have actually sold pretty well. I decided to build a period sheath for my last one and "Put it Under Glass" I would be curious about what you think about this. My knives normally...
  4. wmhammond

    Building a pattern in laminated steel

    Hey Ed, thanks for the comment. From what you say I guess I got very lucky then. I bought the billet from Aldo, $100 + and I do not forge. It was a rookie attemptto put some action in the billet layers because it looked to me very moch like all the layers were very flat. Sound like I should be...
  5. wmhammond

    Building a pattern in laminated steel

    I laid the screwdriver shaft flat on the heated billet prior to grinding and struck the blade with a hammer creating a series of elongated "dents" that deformed the underlying steel and created the "tooth" pattern.
  6. wmhammond

    Building a pattern in laminated steel

    I have just completed my first laminated steel knife. I bought the 12" X 2" X 3/16" billet from Aldo and it has a 52100 core and an unknown SS outter surface. I am a stock remover not a forger so in order to develop a pattern in the underlying steel I heated the billet to forging temp, laid a...
  7. wmhammond

    Adhesives for holding "Glass" to platen

    Where did you buy it? Is it tempered glass?
  8. wmhammond

    2019 KD Members Choice Awards - TOP DOG

    I couldn't agree with this more if I had written it my self which I was getting ready to do. Wallace
  9. wmhammond

    Tampa Gun and Knife Show

    Yes and No. It originally an antique china cabinet with shelves. I took the shelves out and made it into a gun case.
  10. wmhammond

    Tampa Gun and Knife Show

    Not on point I don't think, just checking out the armory.
  11. wmhammond

    Tampa Gun and Knife Show

    I didn't notice the traffic to be any worse in Clearwater than any place ese I went. here he is.
  12. wmhammond

    Tampa Gun and Knife Show

    No Steve, I live in Las Cruces, NM and I would have never spent the money to just come to a Gun & Knife Show in Florida. I just purchased a new English Springer Spaniel puppy from a breeded in Clearwater and had to come over there anyway to pick him up so I checked around and found the show in...
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    Got it guys, thanks
  14. wmhammond

    Tampa Gun and Knife Show

    Here are the knives I sold. 1 Scagel Inspired Hunter 11 Fossilized Mammoth Hunter 111 Buffalo Hunter 1111 Small Filet Knife 1111 French Hunter
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  16. wmhammond

    Tampa Gun and Knife Show

    Report from the show. In a word, it was GREAT! Big crouds, lots of nice people, lots of knife buyers and I sold 5 knives over the two days. Total gross was $1,550. For a show that I just went to because I had to be in Tampa anyway, it was fantastic.
  17. wmhammond

    Tampa Gun and Knife Show

    Hey guys. I've got to go over to Tampa, FL this weekend to pick up a new English Springer Spaniel puppy. I checked and the Tampa Gun and Knife Show is there at the Fairgrounds this weekend. Since I'm there anyway I signed up for a table. Anybody ever been to this show or know anything about it...
  18. wmhammond

    Hamons, again

    Morning guys, first a word of thanks. My ability to produce a proper hamon is improving and I am eternally grateful to membere here who have spent lots of time with me helping me get to the place I am now. I sincerely appreciate it. Funny thing, though, as I get better I encounter new problems...
  19. wmhammond

    Hey guys, a little help

    What is the best way to finish a stacked leather handls? Thanks, Wallace
  20. wmhammond

    Quenching Question

    Hey Guys. I use as a container a horozontal (lays down on a takle) aluminum bread bakery pan that is about 16" long and about 5" square. It holds about 1 gallon of Parks 50 and I dont change it much I just keep it full. Is this sufficient or am I kidding myself My blades do skate a file.