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  1. Drew Riley

    Ferric Chloride

    The reason you don't add water to acid is that with certain acids, there is an exothermic reaction as a small concentration of water reacts with the larger concentration of acid. This immediate, intense heat causes the solution to boil and bubble or spray up out of the container. When you slowly...
  2. Drew Riley

    Next step up from Dremel?

    I recently bought a Foredom style rotary tool for about $60 or so. I'm not sure if it's a cheaper offshoot of the Foredom brand, or what, but it came with a Foredom manual, and it appears to be compatible with Foredom parts. Either way, it seems to be pretty stout and the foot pedal is nice. A...
  3. Drew Riley

    Grand Rapids Surface Grinder

    Yeah, that's probably a little steep of an asking price, but again, it's hard to say without seeing it in person, or seeing what kind of work it can produce. It's gonna be a "light duty" machine for sure, as there's really no way to set up flood coolant on it, at least not without some serious...
  4. Drew Riley

    Grand Rapids Surface Grinder

    For me it'd depend on what their asking price is, as well as what you're expecting to do with it "accuracy" wise. Looks like that's on the smaller side of your average surface grinder, so I probably wouldn't expect to be hogging material with it. No idea what size motor it has on it, but I'm...
  5. Drew Riley

    410 ss straightening

    Lay them on something hard and flat (bow up) and give them a couple sharp whacks with a dead blow mallet.
  6. Drew Riley

    Repurposed Knife

    I've seen other makers mark modded or re-ground blades, but typically it's in addition to the original manufacturer's mark, and sometimes it'll even say "regrind" or something similar to help clarify that it's not an original piece. Personally, I wouldn't mark a blade that I didn't make; at...
  7. Drew Riley

    Ya know what grinds my gears?

    Or similarly: "Yeah, but what's your final price with the friends and family discount? wink wink" Yeah... real original. Never heard that one before. Unless you were directly involved in my birth, or in the birth of somebody who was, you're not getting a family discount, and if you were really...
  8. Drew Riley

    How long will I make rookie mistakes?

    If you're not making mistakes, then you're not making anything. Every maker makes mistakes. We just call ourselves "knife makers" because it sounds better than "mistake makers". hahah Even the masters make mistakes. Now, hopefully they're happening less often, or they're able to be fixed (or...
  9. Drew Riley

    Ya know what grinds my gears?

    You know what grind my gears? When I try to engage my feed lever when my lathe is running too fast.... :D Also, people that say they're interested in a knife you have available, but then take forever to send the payment, with no communication after sending them the payment details. Sorry, are...
  10. Drew Riley

    When am I a “knife maker”?

    Seems pretty straight forward to me: If you can make a knife, you're a knife maker. Whether a knife maker is good, great, or "not quite there just yet" is a whole other matter... :D
  11. Drew Riley

    SAN MAI Chef Knife

    Very classy.
  12. Drew Riley

    Scuff marks behind lanyard tube

    I agree with J. I wouldn’t use glue and dust, personally. There’s still plenty of material there to grind the deep spots out. You could likely get away with an x weight 220, then a pass or 2 with your higher grits. If gluing scales together for drilling , I usually make the glued “inside” the...
  13. Drew Riley

    HT oven DIY build

    I just finished an oven build, and I debated this very question for a while myself. I ruled out the paragon style swing forward and down doors, because I didn't want all the door heat right where my hands were going, and it would just throw that much more back at my face as well. I also thought...
  14. Drew Riley

    New to CNC, looking for advice

    A quality waterjet is more accurate than you might think, but any time I've required precision hole placement, I'd just have the waterjet spot them, and then drill and ream to the dimension I needed. For fixture screw holes, you'd probably be ok to run them at .003 to .005 under, then open them...
  15. Drew Riley

    Peddinghaus anvil - cleaning and testing

    I see that it's got a squared stem, but does it fit in the pritchel (round) hole?
  16. Drew Riley

    Kydex Dump Trays

    Those are slick!
  17. Drew Riley

    600 Grit Belts?

    I might also add that I've been using 600 grit paper on a disk grinder to reduce finishing time (a la the late Tim Hancock). Plunge lines aren't as straight forward as curling your belt over a flat platen, but it really does wonders to the flats, and quite quickly and evenly at that. Granted...
  18. Drew Riley

    600 Grit Belts?

    I'll second the "engineered" belts. Not exactly a typical "600 grit" per say, and I can never remember the number designations and their equivalent grits, but the higher grit engineered belts do seem to last a good while relative to a traditional ceramic, aluminum oxide or zirc belt. I also...
  19. Drew Riley

    zig zag pattern?

    What kind of steel is it, and where’d you get it?
  20. Drew Riley

    Slip joint templates

    Tony Bose will post one from time to time on his Instagram. There’s also a link to some patterns on his web page, though you have to work out the tang and springs yourself for those.