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  1. LiamLynch

    New Models

    So here we have 3 of my most recent creations. We have the Hun, a large broad blade designed by my good friend Genghis, it has a 7" blade with a half length double edge, made in 3mm RWL-34 at 60HRC and black micarta with a kydex sheath. There is the 310 a large simple survival knife with no...
  2. LiamLynch

    RWL 34 non necker

    Here's a finished one, more to come probably tomorrow
  3. LiamLynch

    I'm back baby

    I haven't really been active since 2014 I think but I'm in full swing at the moment, I have a substantial batch nearing completion and another batch waiting to be ground. Getting more commissions in as well as getting laser cutting done which means I might be looking at a viable business. I'll...
  4. LiamLynch

    New grinder

    After many moons I have decided to buy a grinder. I prayed to the gods of cheap belt grinders and they delivered, this thing came up on the ebay so I bought it. Time for some hollow ground madness.
  5. LiamLynch

    Tassie Devil utility/hunter

    At long last I made myself a knife, not sharpened yet but l done. All very much hand filed grinds. It has a roughly 6" blade but I haven't measured it. It is slightly handle heavy because I stopped removing handle material when I liked how it felt in the hand. Blade: CPM154CM 59RC Handle: tas...
  6. LiamLynch

    A knife for gralloching mice.

    I had an offcut so I made my brother a small utility knife. I refrain from calling it a neck knife because the sheath doesn't have any way of remaining round your neck. This is a skeletonised pocket knife I guess. The cutting edge is about an inch so you could do mice and maybe pigeons with it...
  7. LiamLynch

    Marks and stencils, help!

    I intend to mark the next knife which leaves my shop but I don't really have a mark. I don't know where to get stencils made in the UK so I guess it's across the pond we go. I could do with some help designing a mark and then I imagine I could do with some guidance on procuring a stencil. I...
  8. LiamLynch

    A moment to remember.

    For all that don't know today is the 95th aniversary of the Great War ending. It is the equivalent to Veterans Day to the British, Australian and Canadian I believe. Today we all take a moment to remember those who died on both sides of the Great War, and every war since. They shall not grow...
  9. LiamLynch

    Liner lock help

    I won a peice of damasteel in the giveaway. It's only 5" so I figured its going to be a folder. The problem is, I don't know what I need. I have steel, backspacer, stop pin and scales covered. I really like the look of the little machine screws with Alan key heads but I don't know which to get...
  10. LiamLynch

    Watch a 17 year old learn to make knives.

    I am going to be doing this thread so I have somewhere to put all my news and what not. I'm trying to do something like Steven Long's thread only not quite so well. I will put here all my progress making knives and sheaths and what not but also I will put up new designs and patterns I think up...
  11. LiamLynch

    Driving license

    My license came through the door today (just a provisional). Now I can start learning to drive officially and in a few months I should have a full license. Then at Christmas I'm hopefully convincing the father to pay for a bike license as well. Exciting stuff.
  12. LiamLynch

    Some thoughts from Australia

    I have been in Australia now for a week and a half and the first thing I can say is how much respect I have gained for soldiers being deployed. I am here for a month and I can barely sleep for thinking about my beautiful lady friend, to go a year at a time without seeing loved ones is something...
  13. LiamLynch

    Are there any other teenagers here?

    It never occurred to me until now to try and find people my own age here. There must be more than me. There is a place for old dog knife makers, why not young dog knife makers. I do hope this is the right place.
  14. LiamLynch

    British Bayonet Frog I was given this. It seems to be of no monetary value and of no use as a sheath. I don't really know what to do with it. I don't want to throw it away. If anyone is willing to pay postage from Scotland I will give it away but I'm sure most...
  15. LiamLynch


    I imagine that stabilised plywood would make a very strong handle material. It wouldn't looks too bad. Is it worth trying or am I being silly. I have lots of plywood and very little money and this idea seems cheap. The layers would be good for symmetry practice and I like layered looking...
  16. LiamLynch

    My sword plans.

    I have decided that's swords are very cool and I need one. I can't afford to stock remove one so I will forge it. I can't forge for a few months because of my arm but I want to get some information on sword making. I want to make a talwar or scimitar, maybe a wakizashi or maybe a schiavona. I...
  17. LiamLynch

    Tapered tang/hollow grind with no grinder?

    I don't want to get ahead if myself but I'm told research is almost always a good thing. I want to try tapering a tang reasonably soon but I won't be investing in a grinder for a while. It must be possible but I don't really know where I would start. My tools consist of a flat file, a 1/4"...
  18. LiamLynch

    My cufflinks

    I don't know if this is the right place and I stand by my statement that if this site has a place for this stuff it needs to disable its cloaking systems. I have a vast amount of cuff link blanks and I have been making these. They are...
  19. LiamLynch

    Oiling leather

    Basically, I need to save money for driving lessons so I don't want to buy anything. I am making a sheath but I don't know what I would do instead of dyeing, I heard of oiling but don't know how. What should I do with my sheath?
  20. LiamLynch

    Wearing a knife with braces.

    I don't ever wear a belt, my trousers are held up by braces at all times (not suspenders, those are for socks). How do you wear a knife with them, I don't want to put one in my pocket. What other wear options are there for a knife (fixed blade)?