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  1. Daniel Rohde

    Field knife in 1095 and ShadeTree Burlap

    Hey Guys! Been waaay to long since I've had time to be around on here but I thought I'd share one of my latest knives that I found some time to finish and photograph Overall is about 9 1/2" My Classic 1095 that...everyone uses... and some really AWSOME SHadeTree burlap...that I could have...
  2. Daniel Rohde

    Two and maybe last to Neckers!

    I just wanted to share a few of my last two neckers for a while I feel like I have been making way to many of these in the last six months but I should be moving onto some new things. I got a bunch of new steels and new designs to get working on when I get the time. All the same, here they are...
  3. Daniel Rohde

    Redwood Chef Knife

    Latest Chef. This was a pretty fun knife to make, not happy with everything but overall a nice knife-Some of the lines are messing with me... Here it is:
  4. Daniel Rohde

    New little utility/fighter/whatever you want to call it

    Hey Guys! Just finished a new pattern and want your thoughts! Overall is 8 1/2" Blade is 3 3/4" Steel is 1095...I'm gonna start using some newer steels in my knives here soon also..just an FYI Here she is: This was when I was shaping a good idea of the wood color...
  5. Daniel Rohde

    Rohde Necker-Yeah. Another one....bleh

    Just thought I'd share this necker I finished a few weeks ago, nothing to fancy buts its pretty nice and I'm fairly happy with it. Overall: 7 1/2" Stabilized Camel Bone and Micarta Deferentially hardend 1095
  6. Daniel Rohde

    Sorta Custom- 52100 w/ Redwood and Carbon Fiber

    This is one of a pair of twins that I made for a customer but found out a few months later that he had died in a car crash since ordering them so now I have to figure out what to do with them...But its a nice knife and I thought I'd share. Overall: 11 1/2" Blade: 6" (Or somthing like that)...
  7. Daniel Rohde

    Most recent Neck Knife-Thunderstorm Kevlar

    Most resent one is all done. Hopefully I'll start getting to some other style of knives here soon. I'm ready for more complicated and exciting stuff. Basic speces: -Differentaly Hardend 1095 -Thunderstorm Kevlar w/ Copper Liners -About 7 1/2" overall
  8. Daniel Rohde

    Daniel Rohde-Introduction

    Hey Guys! I have been around this forums for a while but I figured I never really introduced myself very well...or at least left out some details that I would like to share now. My name is Daniel Rohde(Pronounced Rode-EE), I'm a custom knifemaker, born in Fort Collins, Colorado but have grown...
  9. Daniel Rohde

    Thanks for the Hammer-In!

    Hey Guys! I just got back from the KD hammer in 2016 and I just wanted to thank Tracy and his whole crew for the great time I had. They were a pleasure to be around and they we VERY helpful. Great guys all around and a great event in general! I admit to being a touch nervous going but it was...
  10. Daniel Rohde

    Take down handles- laying out guide pins?

    I want to try a take down field knife(like J.Doyle does....all the time) and I believe using guide pins in the guard/spacer/handle is the way to go, but how do you layout where to drill your holes in the block and or guard for the pins? how many pins do you normally use?
  11. Daniel Rohde

    Bearings or Bronze Washers?

    Hey Guys! I'm starting some new liner lock folders and trying to decide whether to use bronze washers again or get some counterbores and use bearings. What are the benefits of using bearings for the pivot? I feel like washers are "tougher" but I may be completely wrong. Thoughts? why use one...
  12. Daniel Rohde

    2nd Slipjoint Under My Belt! -RohdeEdge

    I'm typing this from my phone so it might be a bit brief. Anyhow, this is my second slipjoint to date. The action on this one is beautiful. I love it. I'm really looking forward to making more. I used some .005" bronze washers on this one and it worked out great. It's about 4 1/2" long when...
  13. Daniel Rohde

    Stainless for Slipjoint springs?

    Hey Guys! I'm wanting to make a stainless slipjoint (AEB-L steel) and I want to know if it will work for the spring also? When I send it off to be heat treated I usually have them take it to about 61-62 HRC and I assume that is much to hard for a spring but can I have them harden it to...
  14. Daniel Rohde

    Latest Field knife....getting better -RohdeEdge

    Hey guys! I finished one over the weekend(last one....time is flying....) anyway, I thought it was decent enough to share a few pictures in the "custom" fourm:cool::D It's currently on it's way to have a Claude Scott sheath....I'm looking forward to that. Here she is: (Comments...
  15. Daniel Rohde

    Cleaning up Stabilized Blocks?

    Hey Guys! I just got back a fairly large order of stabilized wood from K&G and I was wondering how some of you go about cleaning them up? Belts seems to be the logical answer but would like to here what you guys think. Thanks Guys!
  16. Daniel Rohde

    What Calipers do you like? and what angle measurement tool to get?

    Hey Guys! I have been shopping around for a pare of 6" calipers and I have seen everything from $5 ones to $250 and I'm a little confused on what's a good set, I don't mind spending some money on a good pare but would like some advise. I have a par of micrometers(really nice starrett ones) but...
  17. Daniel Rohde

    Frame Lock WIP! Haha, yeah it's folder time at RohdeEdge!

    So I know I'm starting my first slipjoint(another thread), but I figured I might as well make a my first frame lock while I'm at it.I have been trying to start taking more pictures while I work so I might as well share them. I have several pieces of titanium that have been waiting for this and...
  18. Daniel Rohde

    Slip Joint Folder WIP- First time for me, Help needed

    Hey Guys! I'm going to start a slip joint. I have been wanting to do it and it's time. I have this pocket knife that I want to use as my model(shown below). What I'm most worried about is the design I'm not sure how much things should bend and the locking size, I assume after you start making...
  19. Daniel Rohde

    1095 Petty In Buckeye Burl From J.Doyle

    One I just finished up, and I thought I'd share What do you think?
  20. Daniel Rohde

    Working up a Handle-Lot's of contours

    I was starting work on this handle and decided I'd give some of the fancy contours a try: This is going to be a right handled favored handle: Oiling it: It's really tricky to get all the lines nice and even and crisp and yet make it comfortable at the same time, but I'm really happy...