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  1. Bruce McLeish

    some interesting wood

    some of you know that I do a lot of wood cutting for firewood. Well , as I was splitting some newly felled sugar pine (it was killed by bark beetles) I discovered a whole tree with this coloration. I've never seen it to this extent before. If any of a'll are interested in some, let me know. I...
  2. Bruce McLeish

    first time ..... no, not THAT ,,,,

    but this : a first attempt at mokume gane. Made from quarters.
  3. Bruce McLeish

    Quench plate ?

    Would it be beneficial to drill holes in the back of the plate to increase surface area and thereby increasing the quenching effect? Just an idle question due to quarantine!
  4. Bruce McLeish

    I got lucky...

    A feller down towards town was having a garage sale and so i stopped. He was selling a "trashey, piece o'crap " 14 inch bandsaw that never worked. He sold it to me for $10.00. Got it home, cleaned it up, did some adjustments of the guides and lubed it up. First free hand cut in a piece of...
  5. Bruce McLeish

    This quarantine....

    Is killing me! I just finished running 300 feet of new fence. Tomorrow, I have to electrify it. I'm working harder now!
  6. Bruce McLeish

    Hey Smallshop...

    Hows about an update? How you feelin, buckwheat?
  7. Bruce McLeish

    Hey, fellers...does this sheath....

    make me look fat? First attempt at leather working. Well, at least it holds the knife! Comments and criticisms are welcome.
  8. Bruce McLeish

    here is my newest. just finished this morning.

    1084, desert ironwood scales, copper pins, oak veneer liners. My own design and it feels very nice in my had. Is destined to be my EDC. Gotta make a sheath.
  9. Bruce McLeish

    Quench oil

    Has anyone tried the "fast quench oil" from McMaster? They sell it as 11 second oil. I just received a gallon and will give it a try on both 26c3 and 1084 asap and will let y'all know.
  10. Bruce McLeish

    File sharpening

    Some of you folks know that my knives are filed by hand. Naturally, they get dull pretty fast. Like any other tool, sharp is good and dull is nasty. There is a company called "Boggs Tool Sharpening" that I just gave a try with some seriously nasty, dull, rusted files. Sent them off to them, and...
  11. Bruce McLeish


    got started for 2020 Kitchen set, suduko chefs, medium utility and small paring.
  12. Bruce McLeish


    Any customer (or maker) feedback on this steel? Thanks. Bruce
  13. Bruce McLeish

    tried some leather work

    I decided to attempt some leather work. Then I learned that an xacto knife is pretty hard to control. So I'm making a round knife for leather. No wonder my projects take so long......I have a project for the project!
  14. Bruce McLeish

    Received my KITH

    It FINALLY arrived.....and it was worth the wait. Thanks Randy. Right up to your usual standards, too! I also got a bonus neck knife, however, it was immediately confiscated by my bride! At least I maintain ownership of the damascus hunter. (I think!)
  15. Bruce McLeish

    Finished this one this morning

    while I was working on Randy's KITH, I was also doing this one. (My seventh knife, fourth from a billet) Alabama Damascus, oal 9", blade length 4 1/2". Scales are redwood burl finished with 10 coats of Tru-oil. Mosaic pins made by me. As always, comments and critiques are welcome.
  16. Bruce McLeish

    Happy Veterans Day.

    As the title says, "Happy Veterans Day to those who served. Thank you. All."
  17. Bruce McLeish

    From the firewood pile...

    Got this dead, dried oak burl afor it ended up in the wood stove!
  18. Bruce McLeish

    Basic Filework

    As the title suggests, this is a small tutorial on filework. First off, allow me to say : I am no expert on filework (or any other aspect of knifemaking). I simply enjoy doing it and want to share some info to anyone that is interested. If you have questions - ask. I'll try to answer them as...
  19. Bruce McLeish

    Before heat treat...

    How fine of a grit do you go to before heat treating 1084 ? 220 ? 320 ? Higher?
  20. Bruce McLeish

    So, I went to a flea market and.....

    The first booth that I stepped into had this kiln The inside had some surprises....I had to dig deep into my wallet. This baby cost me a whoppin $30.00 American. I hope I didn't get took too bad.