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  1. Pieter

    First scrimmed knife and last one for 2011

    I finnished this Bird & Trout today. It is the first knife that I scrimmed and it is the first time I tried color in a scrimshaw. The scrimshaw is a Red Bill Teal and is a very popular hunting bird in South Africa. Knife No. 16 Total length = 9" Steel = Sandvik 12C27 SS Bolster = African...
  2. Pieter

    Knives finished in December

    Hi all. Here are some knives I finised in December. The first knife is the 5th knife I made and is one that I wanted to give to Steve Janik on his hunting trip to South Africa, but it was not completed, so he will get it in January. The knife is made with Sandvik 12C27, 316 SS bolster and...
  3. Pieter

    My latest attempt at sheath making.

    These are sheaths no. 17 and 18 that I made. I would appreciate any comments please. The basket weave stamp I made my self from a small SS bolt. Thank you for watching.
  4. Pieter

    Biltong Knife

    This is a little biltong (Jerky, hope the spelling is correct) knife I made. Still need to edge my makers mark on.
  5. Pieter

    My 3rd Knife

    I love hunting knifes and I love warthogs so my third knife will involve both of them. I have been practising my hollow grinding so this one will have a hollow grind. The design is laser cut. Then the blade is hollow ground. The bolsters are cut from 316 Stainless steel...
  6. Pieter

    My 2nd Knife

    For my 2nd knife I decided on a small drop point hunter. Knife length is 7.3" and the blade is 3.7" long. I have decided on 12C27 Stainless steel and got the design laser cut. I then drilled the holes for the bolster and the handle pins. I have used 316 Stainless steel as bolster material and...
  7. Pieter

    My First Knife

    Hallo All This is the 1st knife I have made. Please feel free to give comments I would love to know where I can improve. Steel: 12C27 Handle: Dymondwood. Bolster: SS316 Total Length: 8.25" Blade Length: 4"
  8. Pieter

    Hallo all

    My name is Pieter and I am from South Africa. I am a new knife maker, made 1 knife during a knife making coarse, and I am in the process of making 2 grinders KMG tipe. I love every thing that I have seen on this forum and the info and tips on this site is so valuable to a newby like me. I...