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  1. Mark Behnke

    How to tell if handle material is stabilized

    I have 2 sets of handle wood from 2 different suppliers, same type of wood bought as being stabilized from K and G. One is shiny and wet looking the other set is very dry looking. I put a little water on both sets the dry one absorbed the water and wet one did not. So does the wood always come...
  2. Mark Behnke

    Lock Back Elk scales

    This is my first lock back and first time using elk antler. A friend requested a knife based on a Kershaw "Black Horse" model which I discovered is very close to a Buck 110. A2 blade and spring RC 61 and 48 SS liners relieved w/ nickel silver bolsters The elk outer skin being so thin i...
  3. Mark Behnke

    Bottle Openers

    I found this one at a garage sale from "Rainier Brewing" originally out of Seattle now out of business. I fabbed the openers out of ss and silver soldered the parts , G-10 , fiber spacers w/ copper, brass, NS and SS. These are for my sons and grand sons. Thanks for looking.
  4. Mark Behnke

    Pivot Questions

    I've made 2 liner locks from kits a few years ago and recently made my first slippy from scratch so not a lot of experience with folders. With my first lockback in the final stages the side to side blade play is noticeable. I used an 1/8" pivot with a 3/16" bushing, blade reamed and lapped to a...
  5. Mark Behnke

    Slippy, my first

    This knife started 4 years ago with Bruce Bumps "Swayback Wharncliffe WIP" Thank you Bruce it never would have happened without your WIP I've read it a thousand times. I started and made a pattern from an old pruning knife...
  6. Mark Behnke

    Knife Makers Reference

    .001" = a Mile add yours.
  7. Mark Behnke

    My wife went to a garage sale and my friends dog died

    My wife came home with a real nice hammer and said you gotta go there's a bunch of tools and big wrenches. Went over and the people were sell a relatives mill wright tools a bunch of hand made wrenches this being the best of the lot that turned into my shop door handle. A friend wanted me to...
  8. Mark Behnke

    Nickel Silver

    I had an idea to make serviceable lining and throat. The lining is veg. tanned goat and the throat insert is felt. The throat is a tight slip fit into the sheath. Thanks for looking, what do you think? [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
  9. Mark Behnke

    Tools, random pictures of shop tools

    Post your pics here. I'm obsessed with vices lately:
  10. Mark Behnke

    A little cartoon

    This saw this on another forum
  11. Mark Behnke

    Little Ebony Dagger

    I thought being little this would be a quick knife but not the case so here's a couple progress pics. NS guard with soldered pins Bronze domed butt cap hammered out of sheet and soldered to NS plate with soldered pins. Ready to start shaping handle then more detailing. Always like to...
  12. Mark Behnke

    Kirinite MOP Dagger

    Thanks to Tracy for the MOP Kirinite an Bruce Bump for his Frame handle WIP. I've been working on this for 3 months a lot of firsts and more redos than you can count. The domed pins were a challenge about 60 or 70 washers to get 20 ok ones they could still be better. The file work and coining...
  13. Mark Behnke


    They have been chopping trees like crazy. I got this one in a trap , I'm sure he's just the first of many. [/URL][/IMG]
  14. Mark Behnke

    "Don't be afraid of your work"

    I went into an electricians apprenticeship at 19 and learned how to do things many different ways from many journeyman each one insisting I do it their way. After 4 years and turning out as a journeyman I was able to do things my way what a relief. Thats when I really started to learn having to...
  15. Mark Behnke

    Kirinite Mother of Pearl givaway Dagger

    This is my 14th knife A lot of firsts, frame handle, 6"wheel grind, stacked spacer, coining, and domed pins to come. This will be my first finished knife in about a year, lots of bumps last winter so took a break but I'm excited about this one Heat treated and fit up were my big hurdles so...
  16. Mark Behnke

    Prussian Blue uses?

    I've been using it for fitting a guard, I'm wondering about other uses in knifemaking and how?
  17. Mark Behnke

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  18. Mark Behnke

    Steel won't harden need help.

    !084 FG Using anti scale then into the oven preheated to 1500* The temp drops to about 1300* when the oven is opened for loading then up to 1500* hold 5 min. then into Parks 50 @ 80*straight up and down agitation for aprox. 30 sec. air cool and test. Rc 45 -50 depending on where I test...
  19. Mark Behnke

    Why do you make knives?

    To make tangible the vision in my head. When I get it right it just makes me feel good in so many ways. Working with metals, learning and solving problems, the challenge to do better. Been thinking about this since lately it's been mostly frustration and failures.
  20. Mark Behnke

    1084 hardened after forging?

    I haven't forged very much and nothing for a few years. Recently i forged out a handle for a M. Price style San Francisco type knife. A tapered tang beaver tail shape. So tried to drill holes for the handle pins and it was too hard to drill. Why would this happen (hardening) and will...