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  1. rasret01

    Laugh if you will...

    but I had to get this one out of my system. Two feet of 1098, maple and brass fantasy sword with a rope files spine. Now I can get back to edc's and hunters. ;) Dick
  2. rasret01

    Stolen Knives

    I don't have any knives for sale on the internet, so if anyone spots one with this maker's mark, I'd appreciate a heads up. I lost 20 - mostly bowies and fighters from my shop last night. Thanks, Dick
  3. rasret01

    Sugar Creek Kiln problems

    I have a 24" sugar creek manually controlled kiln that has performed flawlessly for more than two years. When I fired it up today, I noticed a small "BT" notation which I had never seen before to the left of the temp readout. The readout worked, so I know the battery is ok. The problem is...
  4. rasret01

    Some of my favorite things...

    Maple, walnut and 01 in my first attempt at a razor. I'll do more - this is fun! Dick
  5. rasret01

    My first offerings on the forum

    #1. Smaller bowie in 01. Flat ground with birds eye maple over walnut handles and brass guard. Rope pattern file work on the spine. OAL: 11.25”, Blade: 6” $130.00 - includes free shipping anywhere in the lower 48 #2. Larger bowie also flat ground in 01 with the rope pattern file...
  6. rasret01

    I'm not laughing now...

    I always chuckled when I heard another maker saying "this one fought me all the way", but now I've joined that select group. I made this Scottish dirk for a kilt wearing friend and although the blade came out alright, I had to make four handles before I got one I could live with. O1, maple...
  7. rasret01


    Made a new friend today. Thought you might like to see his shop... Dick
  8. rasret01

    My first pathetic attempt

    at forging a tomahawk from a ball peen hammer resulted in very tired arms, several blisters and a profound respect for those who do this well. The almost finished hawk id 7 1/4" from blade to tip. Here are also a couple of shots of a 13" bowie 01 I just finished up. I know the phopts are poor...
  9. rasret01

    Tacky sandpaper

    I found a new 3M sandpaper at Home Depot. It has a slightly tacky back and works great on a granet or glass surface for flattening. Paper doesn't move around and leaves no residue on the surface. I only found it in 400 and 600 grit. Dick
  10. rasret01

    My first sword

    ...or fantasy blade or whatever you call it. 3/8" O1 with cocobolo, brass and blue micarta. It's 19" overall and has blue tiger eye stones set in the handle. Thanks for looking. Dick
  11. rasret01


    The other day a friend asked why I spend so much time making knives. I blew him off with one of the standard answers – “Gives me something to do in the shop when my wife locks me out of the house.” – but the thought wouldn’t go away. I do not pretend to be a poet, but after a few days, this is...
  12. rasret01

    Interesting project

    In 1903 a ranger in what was to become South Africa's largest game preserve was attacked by two lions. He was pulled from his horse and grabbed by the right shoulder by one lion and dragged on his back some 60 feet into the brush. He finally got his left hand to his belt knife and stabbed the...
  13. rasret01


    Can anyone point me towards a tutorial for making fancy ferrules - or perhaps where to acquire them? Thanks. Dick
  14. rasret01

    anti-scale coating

    I got some ATP anti-scale coating from Brownells for use on my O1 blades. It seems to work well, except that I have a real problem getting it to stick to the blades before they go into the oven. I have to let the first coat dry and then touch it up at least once and let it dry again. Anybody...
  15. rasret01

    Safety reminder

    For those of you who use the excellant tip of placing a furnace filter covered box fan to catch dust behind your grinder... please remember that the filter is paper and the sparks are hot! (Ya, ya, I found out the hard way) No real damage done, but the scary part is that the filter didn't start...
  16. rasret01

    Curious Problem...

    I heat treated a 10" O1 blade today the way I always do. Soak for 20 min at 1450-60 in my sugar creek kiln, and edge down into warm (110-120) peanut oil. The blade didn't crack :biggrin: it wrinkled :what!:. About an inch of the edge looked like a dog trying to smile. I had ground the blade...
  17. rasret01

    Camillus steel

    I found an old Camillus combat style blade that was apparently a factory reject - wavey grind line. The blade was annealed, so I reground to get a nice dagger, but I have no idea of the type of steel it is. I got a big shower of bright yellow/white sparks when grinding - Stainless?? Anybody...
  18. rasret01

    Brass fittings

    I have a good supply of brass which I use as knife furniture. What do you guys use to keep it from tarnishing? Will simple clear fingernail polish work long term? Thanks. Dick
  19. rasret01

    Here's the first

    I've posted here... The dagger is O1, brass, walnet and water buffelo horn - 10" oal The heavy hunter is O1 and black linen micarta with some file work - 11" oal Obviously I've got some work to do in the fit 'n finish department (as well as photography, but I feel like I'm finally getting...
  20. rasret01

    Thanks Steve

    I entered a drawing for a piece of walnut being given away by Steve Janik. I'm working on a fighter for the July kith and I thought a nice little walnut block would look nice. Today I received a beautiful slab of walnut - 5.5" x 16" x 2.25" 2thumbs. I guess I'd forgotten or misread the...