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  1. Kevin Zito

    Blanchard meeting

    This is very true.
  2. Kevin Zito

    Perfecting bevel line?

    I know nothing about knife making... literally. But. I think you should maybe try the following. 1) put jig in attic 2) go slow 3) remember that the grind line is a direct result of the amount of pressure you apply with your thumb and index finger. 4) go slow 5) go even slower when you get...
  3. Kevin Zito

    Thai Integral Enep by Ampan Phonyangnok

    That’s a neat looking spacer. Can you tell us more about it?
  4. Kevin Zito

    Bonus clips from Forged in Fire

    That’s probably my favorite episode. I love how you politely, even gently, DOMINATED. It was impressive... no running around crazy and getting all flustered. You’re a pro and it was clear to see from my recliner. Awesome!
  5. Kevin Zito

    Feathered Skinner

    The bolster and the blade are amazing together. Great work!
  6. Kevin Zito

    Koa Hunter

    Great job on this. I dig it!
  7. Kevin Zito

    Three of the four machetes finished

    Agreed! I really like the shape of these.
  8. Kevin Zito

    Three of the four machetes finished

    Looking good, OP.
  9. Kevin Zito

    Birds Eye Maple Puukko

    You ain’t never lied. I’d bust it.. fact.
  10. Kevin Zito

    Stacked Leather Puukko

    I love the look of stacked leather, but I like stacked birch even more. Yours is flawless... is it easier to work with than the leather?
  11. Kevin Zito

    Where’s Zito ?

    Yes, but... if I put numbers in, then I can’t solve it bec I suck at math. It’s a catch 23 lol.
  12. Kevin Zito

    Another Folder

    Ooh... I like that a lot! Very classy! Love it!
  13. Kevin Zito

    Elk Hunter

    Looking good OP!
  14. Kevin Zito

    Where’s Zito ?

    Hey, Johan, yep I’m a math prof in Louisiana. I teach junior/senior engineers mostly. This covid has forced me to migrate everything online. There’s a reason why we teach differential equations, calc 2, and calc 3 face to face lol. It’s because things like this don’t go over well on FaceTime...
  15. Kevin Zito

    Forged In Fire New show, Beat the Judges

    Mark, I don’t think they want a piece of you again! I’d love to see you dominate!
  16. Kevin Zito

    Where’s Zito ?

    Lol I’m still here, but right now being a prof is a tough job. Working me hard. I have a couple projects going on in the shop (like trying to build a shop. Mainly though I’ve been teaching oh and raising 3 future inmates. Lol. How are all y’all doing?
  17. Kevin Zito

    Curly maple hunter

    Also, Nice dork!
  18. Kevin Zito

    Curly maple hunter

    Whoa!!! Ty, my man, that is beautiful! Really well done! I like style and color choice on the collar. I also want to say that the fit and finish on a knife like this is a battle.... and you won! Really, really fantastic (and inspiring ) work. I am still working on my first knife (made completely...