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  1. Tod Lowe

    Back from a long layoff.

    Hey guys. I've been a member here for a long time but had to make a choice to put knife making on the back burner for a few years. Im getting more time now so Im going to try and get back to the "grind" :biggrin: Ive been lurking on here a couple days now and im still amazed and inspired by...
  2. Tod Lowe

    Jigged buff horn skinner.

    Hey Guys. This knife isnt finished yet. First time using this jigged buff horn and I wasnt real sure how to finish it so I tried to buff it with 3 different compounds finishing with pink scratchless. Im not sure how to get the little white lines out of the jigged part..?? It looks pretty good...
  3. Tod Lowe

    So who makes the best hand held eyelet setter for kydex etc?

    I have purchased a couple different hand held eyelet setters and have not been impressed with either one. The eyelets hold great when set but cosmetically it just looks botched. I just dont make enough knives to justify buying the dies and press but still would like to get good looking results...
  4. Tod Lowe

    Corby bolt problem.

    Sup guys. This is my second time using Corby Bolts. The first time no problems and then this time it appears I ground off to much creating the holes you see in the pic. :34: Anybody have a fix for this ?
  5. Tod Lowe

    Cork belt question.

    Hey guys. Im doing my first mirror finish using the cork belt method. I have noticed that about an 8th inch of both edges of the cork belt do not wear like the rest or load up with compound. This problem is its not allowing me to get in the plunge line area with the good part of the belt...
  6. Tod Lowe

    A stab at Tacticle.

    Hey Guys. I made this combo after reading this tutorial by M.Olexey. Im giving the knife to a kid going into the Navy.
  7. Tod Lowe

    Standoffs to small.

    Hey Guys. Im using standoffs and torx heads to hold the scales on my current projects. I ordered 3/16 x 3/16 standoffs to go with the 3/16 steel im using. I drilled my holes at 3/16 figuring the 3/16 standoffs would have to be pressed in a little but I have a few that are loose. Do I just...
  8. Tod Lowe

    Didnt get my 60 rockwell.

    Hey guys. I heat treated some ats-34 at 1930 for 30 minutes then tempered at 275 for two hrs. My rockwell ended up at 57 hrc. I think my aluminum quench plates were not big enough to do all 4 big blades at the same time. My question is: Would a dry ice treatment raise the rockwell after I...
  9. Tod Lowe

    CPM 154 or ATS -34 ?

    Hey guys, I have been reading the best steel thread and I see CPM 154 being chose alot in the stainless category. Its double the cost of ATS -34. Is it really twice as good and what quality is the extra money going for? And where can I buy some M4? :) Thanks.
  10. Tod Lowe

    First stab at a mini subhilt.

    A guy at work wanted a knife to go along with his new Uncle Henry rifle he just bought and this is what I came up with. I guess you would call this a subhilt? Not sure what justifys it as one but it looks like one to me!:D Ats -34 Black Walnut Brass guards and pins . Thanks for looking.:cool:
  11. Tod Lowe

    Soldering Brass.

    Hey guys. Im building a full tang S.S knife that will have a brass guard on it. I have been soldering S.S. guards to S.S. blades but havent tried brass yet. The guard will be pinned also. Is the silver solder ok to use on the joint or is there something better to use? Do I just proceed as...
  12. Tod Lowe

    Tips on buffing paste?

    Hey guys. I bought some 400 grit buffing paste and have tinkered with it a little. The instructions just say leave it on the wheel overnight to dry then use. Im getting some little "fish hooks" in my finish right now and though I would ask the experts.:) How thick do you put the paste on...
  13. Tod Lowe

    EL- Coco-Bolo EL Rock and Roll - O -

    Hey guys . This is just a simple user a friend wanted. Basic knife with a BIG name.:D 1080 steel with Cocobola. Im not a big fan of how Cocobola looks so I textured it to death!:D I do love how Cocobola finishes though. Gotta be the easiest wood to work 1
  14. Tod Lowe

    Very nice user.

    Sold .ATS 34 ,1/8 steel full tang. 9 inches overall.60 rockwell. Spalted maple stabilized wood with 416 S.S. guard and pins. Scotchbrite finish with false edge on top. HEAVY leather sheath. $120.00 shipped U.S.A only. Thanks for looking!cool 1
  15. Tod Lowe

    Albino Baby Gator.

    Heres a knife I made using the green G11 Anthony Stovall gave me in a drawing on here a few weeks ago. Thanks Anthony.:cool: This knife has my new mark on it too.:D Thanaks for looking.
  16. Tod Lowe

    The two step Krait.

    I finished this knife today. Its called "The two step Krait". The Krait is a black and grey snake found in Vietnam. Our troops over there called it the two step snake because if it bit you, you made it two steps before falling over dead. Ouchy.:eek: (I wasnt in Vietnam but thanks to those who...
  17. Tod Lowe

    The Devils Wing.

    Hey guys. I just finished this sheath for this and thought I would post it. I started naming my knives because its easier to talk about them then saying "that one knife". A name usually just pops in my head. Its not always the best name but eh. This is: 1/8 ATS-34 Stabilized buckeye burl...
  18. Tod Lowe

    Charge a tax and other questions.

    Hey Guys. Im going to try and start selling on the Internet now. I have a few questions. I have a buy it now button set up on my website. Do I charge my states sales tax on the knife? At what point do you stop flying under the radar and become a legit business? I read the "what...
  19. Tod Lowe

    Grinder #2 in action.

    Heres three videos of my second grinder. Each video is of a different attachment. The motor is a dawg but will have to do until something else free and better comes up. The wooden wheels run great. Sorry bout the messy shop......I have been busy:D YouTube- Flat platen.MOV YouTube- Slack...
  20. Tod Lowe

    The "Gator"

    I just finished this one up last night. Ats-34 Dry ice cryo. :) 60 rockwell.:cool: 416 S.S guard. Red Carbon fiber liners. 1/8 inch thick 9.5 inches overall length 5 inch blade.