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  1. Rusty McDonald

    My new toy

    Just picked this up from Shreveport, LA. dang thing weighs 2200lbs anyone want to help me unload it?
  2. Rusty McDonald

    Good News Bad News

    Well I have found out a few days ago that I will have alot more time to work on knives. That's the good news. Bad news is Im getting laid off October 1st and that's the reason I get to make knives more. Oh well, anyone need an electronics tech lol. But seriously I will be going back to school...
  3. Rusty McDonald

    Need New stencils for etching.

    Ok Dogs who makes your stencils and how good are they? I need some new stencils for my Slipjoints (smaller ones) and was thinking about trying someone elses stencils for a change. I have been using Lectrotech stencils and they work fine for me but I'd like to try some others now. Tell me where...
  4. Rusty McDonald

    It's a good day to HT something

    So I put some D2 In the Ol' Evenheat and now I cant leave for a few hours UGH should have gone to get dinner first. Takes me about 4-6 hours to get all my D2 Done. Guess It's peanut butter and Jelly, man I hope theres jelly. Good thing is there are 6 knives in those packages, 1 clip point...
  5. Rusty McDonald

    Swayback Warnclif, Iron wood and D2

    Still needs to be buffed but Murph was givin me crap so Here it is. D2 and Ironwood with 410 liners and bolsters
  6. Rusty McDonald

    Just finished one, Thought I'd share

    Back pocket In D2 and is 7.75" open with Amber jigged bone and 410 bolsters and liners, Decided not to put a shield on this one because the bone was kinda neat lookin and I took a poll from everyone at work and they said not to put one on it. (Murph this is what I was workin on when you called)
  7. Rusty McDonald

    New Knife (here ya go Murph)

    Was informed by our main man and mod Murph that I should post some work just to prove that I dont sit on my hands all day. so Here goes my first InterFrame Bowie with an S guard (did I mentoin that it's a scalloped S Guard) With Ironwood Scales, 410SS everywhere 5160 8" Blade Pics sux Ill...
  8. Rusty McDonald

    acid coloring maple

    Need info on how its done and anything to do with it
  9. Rusty McDonald

    Band Saw Stands

    I was looking around for a way to set up my DeWalt and found this thing. Has anyone used it or tried it?
  10. Rusty McDonald

    Ivory Bronze and Damascus

    Im still learnin but I think a about got this stuff down. Bronze Intrugral liners mill relieved Bronze pins and guard. Damascus blade and spring, Preban Elephant Ivory scales.
  11. Rusty McDonald

    Finished another Slipjoint dont know how many this is.

    This one was an adventure in it's self. Damascus, preban elephant Ivory, and Bronze everything else. Haven't decided if I should polish up the bronze or leave it with that brushed look.
  12. Rusty McDonald

    Please Test my knife

    Ok I need 3 to 5 trust worthy people to try out one of my Slipjoints for a bit and tell me what you think. Kinda like a pass around with a slip joint. I wont post a pic of the knife or tell you what kind of steel it is. but you are more than welcome to if your chosen. when your done with it mail...
  13. Rusty McDonald

    Ladder Slipjoint.

    I just finished a slipjoint thought yall would like to see it. Bullet pattern in Mammoth Ivory and Ladder pattern Damascus in 1084/15n20 300+ layers Enjoy.
  14. Rusty McDonald

    I'm Back!

    Sorry for the hiatus, had some family things happen and had to take a break, My father-in-law passed and the wife needed me for a bit and I got sick during that time. But I'm back and will pester the heck out of Murphy as much as I can until I see one of his knives! And I wanted to Thank...
  15. Rusty McDonald

    knife world

    Does anyone get the knife world publication? A friend of mine said I had a knife in it, but I don't get it and there's no place to buy one around here.
  16. Rusty McDonald

    Happy birthday

    Its a special day for all of my Marine brethren HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEVILDOGS
  17. Rusty McDonald

    What I did this Sunday

    Went to someone's house and he showed me how to make the ladder pattern. Showed me a lot I just hope I can remember half of it. Mike Ruth makes some great looking Damascus! I got some to make a couple of Slipjoints out of and here is one of the blades I have started.
  18. Rusty McDonald

    CPM Steels

    I know it's not a good idea to refrence other sites but this is too good to be true. Niagara Specialty metals will sell CPM steels
  19. Rusty McDonald

    Hard to find parts!

    Has anyone come across hard to find parts? just recently I was looking for some 1"x1/8" 410ss and cant find it. It is either out of stock or they say that they cant get it any more. I realy hate the sheared 410 but anything would do at the moment. anyone have any sources they would like to...
  20. Rusty McDonald

    Work in progress

    Just started on this one a couple of days ago after I got the pattern working for me. Should be done in a day or so just needs the scale pins and the shield pinned on and some polishing/hand sanding. Oh yeah! it's D2 about 6 1/2 overall with a 3" blade, some premium Desert Ironwood. these pics...